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How to properly maintain electronic lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-16
Electronic lock is a password or to control circuit, so as to control mechanical switches closed, lock, lock task of electronic products. So how to properly maintain electronic lock? 1, check their once every six months or a year full of electronic lock. Regularly check the smart door lock screw, lock of hand and other key if there is a loose phenomenon such as driving part. 2, electronic lock, lock outside surface cannot get on chemical corrosion class articles and a liquid, not paste things, not only affect beautiful, still can let internal material easy to oxidation erosion. 3, electronic lock use for a long time, the surface of the door should be kept clean and dry. If there are any stain, should use soft and clean towel and paper towel on, can't use hard or corrosive on surface of the door. 4, locks low voltage alarm, and immediately to replace a new set of batteries. Long-term use in low pressure environment of smart door lock, easy to cause system instability. 5, daily use, open a widget is used in the closed hand, its flexibility directly affects the use of door lock, so please don't in hand hanging above the weight, lest destroy the balance of a hand. We are all in the maintenance of electronic lock time, should according to the above maintenance methods for maintenance, need electronic lock friend, you can contact us fuyu hardware.
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