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How to reduce the emergence of irregular unlocking company

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-01
In our daily life, we have to deal with locks and keys almost every day, doors and office doors No matter which one, once the key is lost carelessly, it is inevitable to find someone to unlock it. Recently, some people said that they found a locksmith to open their burglar proof door a few days ago, but they forgot to check the other party's work license and other information in a hurry. I wonder if there is a hidden danger? After field visit and network investigation, it is found that there are quite a lot of unlocking companies, including those marked with 'Public Security Department filing', '110 designated unlocking' and other information. Xiaobian found a lock opening company on the Internet that seemed to be quite formal named Hainan master Huang lock unlocking Technology Service Co., Ltd. about ten minutes later, the other party arrived at the scene, took out the work license and handed it to Xiaobian, and then opened the door lock within a short time. So lock master told Xiaobian: Generally speaking, the regular lock company personnel door-to-door service is to show their work license first, and after unlocking, they also need to register information for effective management. Therefore, in the face of the unlicensed operation of the lock center, we need to be vigilant. If there is an irregular lock company in our life, it can be reflected to the relevant departments through the industry supervision telephone. We believe that through everyone's efforts, the special industry of lock can continue to be standardized, and we can enjoy the convenience without worries.
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