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How to seize market traditional door lock hardware brand

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-17
Traditional door hardware industry in the increasingly fierce competition, many brands use discount promotions to seize market share, and consumer demand for products also more and more high, many brands have been unable to pass the price war sustain development. Faced with such fierce competition, the traditional lock hardware brand should be how to improve their competitiveness and seize market?     To adhere to the silent idea (consumer high quality life & emsp;   Living noise, make the person be agitated, lack of sleep, influence the hearing, to reduce the work efficiency, eventually reduce people's quality of life. With continuous promoting consumption upgrading, consumers increasingly pay attention to the quality of life in modern society, the city blatant, let the heart blundering, life busy people, the bottom of my heart all long for a quiet living space, 'static' enjoy the beauty of life.     The essence of consumption upgrade, is people from blind to rational consumption, it is people yearning for a better life. Conform to the trend of consumption upgrade, invented the first mute door lock, using damping mute patent technology, open closed 60% noise reduction, solve the 10 million family noise annoyance. As the leading brand in mute door lock, in the face of more and more captious customers, noble escalating mute technology, from the mute door lock, launched in 2012, the first generation to the 4th generation mute system upgrade iteration. So far, 58 cumulative application for invention patents, 31, has been approved locks mute technology to walk in front of the industry.     In original design and individualized products to attract consumers & emsp;   Consumers increasingly pay attention to the quality of life in modern society, close to the consumer's cultural taste and individuality demand can products tend to be more popular with consumers. This is a result of door hardware industry development and motivation.     Noble, since 2001, the first to introduce the concept of aesthetics door lock industry, won the first patent of appearance design, adhere to the original design concept, cooperating with many top designers at home and abroad, built including contemporary and contracted, classic European and Chinese classical, rural series, originality, personalized locks and hardware products, all-round meet the demand of consumer decorate, firmly seize the consumer's eyes, guide the door industry development trend of art aesthetics.     Integrative household style to meet the consumer demand & emsp;   The current lock hardware market category is multifarious, many brands can only meet the personalized needs of consumers fragmented, difficult to form integral household style. And now the overall prevalence of domestic outfit, as a trend, conform to the trend of door lock hardware brand if you can provide support integration style, shall be promptly seize market opportunities.     Family always pay attention to in the field of hardware compatibility requirements, from the door lock, door stopper, hinge door with hardware, such as the bath towel rack, towel bar, such as sanitary hardware, to handle the furniture such as hardware, design of lock of personalized stylized form a complete set of hardware products, and to create the elegant black, yellow, bronze, red bronze, couple shadow the phantom of the yellow, green, and other surface decoration hardware products, integrative household style to satisfy the consumers.     In the face of changing consumer demand and fleeting market opportunities, traditional door lock hardware brands need to deepen the understanding of consumer demand, seeking spiritual resonance with the public in order to grasp the main trend of future development. Have to say, the traditional lock hardware brand has a long way to go.
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