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I want to change the fingerprint lock in the new house, what brand is good?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-28
It has become a trend to buy a smart fingerprint lock for new house decoration, and we can be sure that fingerprint locks are safer than traditional mechanical locks. So far, most users are still using mechanical locks. From an experience point of view, the mechanical structure of the mechanical lock does give people a sense of stability and reliability. However, many netizens said that the fingerprint lock is not safe enough, but when the editor asked whether he had used a smart lock before, they all answered in the negative. So what kind of brand should I change? This is a very controversial issue. If the editor directly recommends that this XX brand is good, I believe many people will subconsciously think that this is an advertising article, so today I do not recommend which brand is locked. We speak with strength! For the convenience of everyone’s understanding, let’s take Fuyu Six Eyes Tianshun Smart Cloud Lock as an example compared to a traditional mechanical lock. The editor divides the scenes into three situations: 'someone is at homeThese three situations can also be subdivided into two situations: 'violence (coerced)' and 'non-violent (no coercion)'. These six scenarios are almost all usage scenarios encountered by door locks. Let’s talk about the three most common scenarios. The first scene 'people at the door, no coercion' should be the first scene we encounter most often. People in front of the door open the lock through normal non-violent methods. In terms of steps, a mechanical lock requires a series of actions such as taking out the key and finding the key. In contrast, the 'fingerprint recognition' function of the Fuyu six-eye Tianshun smart cloud lock is very convenient. You only need to press your finger to the recognition module like unlocking a mobile phone, and the smart lock can automatically recognize it. After entering the door, many people will habitually lock the door. Lock it when you leave home. The mechanical lock is relatively simple to lock in the room, usually by turning the knob to lock. However, when you lock it outdoors, you need to take out the key again, and turn it a few times before you can leave without worry. Fuyu Six Eyes Tianshun Smart Cloud Lock is similar to mechanical locks in terms of indoor anti-locking. Some can be locked with one key more conveniently. When the door is locked, it will be automatically locked without any extra actions. In the second scenario, no one is at home, and there is no coercion in this scenario, and many people are more fearful. In the last century, in a community without adequate security measures, it was occasionally heard which buildings and houses had been robbed. Even now, many people have come up with various methods to prevent thieves. These thieves usually step on the spot in advance, wait until the home is confirmed that no one is there, and then unlock the lock through technology, unconsciously enter the household's home and carry out the theft. Of course, the security of door locks is different nowadays, but there are still some differences between mechanical locks and smart locks. When criminals are stealing, a door equipped with a mechanical lock can only be protected by the safety of the lock, and this is the last line of defense. If it is breached, then it can only be resigned. The six-eye Tianshun smart cloud lock has the characteristics of 'intelligence'. When it detects that it has been pried, it will sound an alarm as soon as possible, and inform the residents that the door lock has been pried as soon as possible. It can also be linked with other smart home products, such as linked with smart cat eyes, to inform residents of the prying scene in the form of video gains and losses. The risk can be minimized. The third scene, when forced to open the door...Compared with the stolen empty door at home, although the scene of being forced to open the door is rarer, it is often mentioned in film and television works, or it is indeed annoying. Of salespersons, so this scenario still needs to be considered. In front of this kind of scene, mechanical locks and smart locks will have completely different reactions. Let me talk about the very common mechanical locks. Since the authentication method of mechanical locks has one and only one type of key, when the resident is coerced, he can only take out the key and enter the door. After that, nothing will happen. Hard to say. However, the author reminds that if you really encounter this situation, don't irritate the other party. The best way is to calm down, show obedience first, let the other party relax their vigilance, and then run away while they are not prepared. After all, how much is life? I can't change it back. The six-eye Tianshun smart cloud lock has certain advantages. Since her authentication methods are more diverse than mechanical locks, there are many alternative door opening methods. For example, specific alarm fingerprint unlocking, one-time password unlocking, etc. At the beginning of the design of this function, it will take into account the situation of being duress or tailgating, and will not make any abnormal sounds. It can also report its own danger to other people silently to ensure personal safety. There are three remaining situations that have not been discussed: no one in the house violently opens the lock, and someone in the house violently/non-violently opens the lock. The situation of 'no one in the house violently unlocking the lock' is the same as the situation of 'no one in the house unlocking the lock non-violently': the mechanical lock has no response, and the six-eye Tianshun smart cloud lock will have audible alarms and remote alarms to reduce household losses. For someone at home violently/nonviolently unlocking the lock, smart locks and mechanical locks are actually the same in these three situations, and mechanical locks are relatively more fragile. Because the most common mechanical lock body is smaller than the smart lock body, old-fashioned doors will also have a lock body with only a lock cylinder.
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