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If another customer asks you how to maintain the smart lock, just show it to him! -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-30
Nowadays, more and more domestic users have put on smart door locks, but smart locks are different from mechanical locks. As high-tech electronic products, smart door locks require the users to take care of them in daily use, just like you want to buy a mobile phone. Put on the phone case to prevent it from being broken, and put a film on it to prevent the screen from breaking. Of course, we don't need to put an unbreakable shell on the smart lock, but daily maintenance requires special attention. Today, the research team sorted out some daily maintenance precautions for smart locks. Distributors and agents, and if users ask you how to maintain them, please recommend this article to them! 1Professional non-disassembly is prohibited. Unprofessional disassembly is prohibited; the internal structure of fingerprint locks is often much more complicated than traditional locks, and it contains a variety of high-tech electronic products. Basically, if you have any problems, you can consult the manufacturer, and there will be dedicated after-sales service personnel to help you solve them. This also reminds you that when buying, it is best to choose door lock manufacturers or agents with good after-sales service to buy fingerprint locks. ▲ The lock is expensive, so don’t dismantle it casually~ 2 Don’t slam the door forcefully. After opening the door and entering the house, most of your friends will push the door forcefully towards the door frame to give it an intimate hug with the door frame. But, this Not what the door lock wants. After we close the door in the house, we should rotate the handle to retract the bolt of the door, and then release the hand after combining the door frame. Do not hit the door hard, otherwise the service life of the door lock will be reduced. ▲ Please note that this is a wrong demonstration! 3 Wipe the fingerprint door lock of the collection window with a dry soft cloth for a long time, and the surface of the fingerprint collection window may be wet or stained with dirt. Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. Note that it is a dry soft cloth, one is dry to avoid moisture; the other is a soft cloth, which can not be wiped with hard iron shavings or the like, or it will scratch. ▲ It can be wiped with glasses cloth. 4 Keep away from water. Any kind of electronic product has this taboo. For example, mobile phones, if they are not waterproof, water will generally be scrapped. Fingerprint locks are no exception. At present, ordinary smart door locks are not available. Waterproof, electronic components or circuit boards inside the lock, once water enters, it is likely to malfunction. Therefore, users should also avoid trying out smart locks outdoors to prevent unnecessary trouble. If the shell comes into contact with liquid or salt spray, please wipe it dry with a soft, absorbent cloth. ▲ I feel sorry for this lock...5 Keep away from corrosive substances and do not let the lock surface come into contact with corrosive substances. Although the security of the lock is the first point, the viewing quality is also very important. This is the first place the guests come into contact with your home. So don't let the lock surface come into contact with corrosive substances, it will damage the lock surface protective layer, affect the gloss of the lock surface or cause the surface coating to oxidize. In addition, do not use alcohol, gasoline, thinner or other flammable substances to clean or maintain the smart lock. ▲ Corrosive substances are terrible, and smart locks must be kept away! 6Do not hang things on door handles. Don’t hang things on the handles of smart door locks. The handle is the key part of the lock. Friends who are accustomed to hanging things on the door lock should get rid of this habit. Even if the hanging time is not long, the number of times will make the handle unwilling. ▲Please note that this is a wrong demonstration. / The picture is from Panorama Network. 7 Lubricant is not added indiscriminately. Smart door locks also have mechanical keyholes. One of the spares. When using the mechanical key does not feel smooth, do not add lubricant. If the door is not opened with a mechanical key for a long time, the lock key may not be inserted smoothly. At this time, a little graphite powder or pencil powder can be put into the lock core groove to ensure that the key opens normally. However, the lubricating oil should not be added randomly, because the oil is easy to stick to dust, and dust will accumulate in the keyhole in the future, which will form greasy putty, which will make the door lock more prone to failure. ▲You can scrape a little pencil refill~8 Regular inspections must be checked frequently. For door locks that need to be used every day, it is recommended to check once every six months or a year. At the same time, check whether the fastening screws are loose to ensure the fastening; the fit gap between the lock body and the lock plate... etc. If you are using a smart fingerprint lock, you can call the service hotline of the brand owner of the lock when you find an abnormality in the door lock. Professionals will come to your door to deal with the problem and solve the problem in time to avoid potential safety hazards. ▲The smart lock will call you once every six months or a year. Check it out. 9 Replace the battery in time. Check the battery irregularly, especially in hot weather. The battery leaks and corrodes the smart lock. If the battery is found to be low or leaking At the beginning, replace with new batteries immediately, and do not mix old and new batteries. It is best to use high-quality 5# alkaline batteries. If you go out for a long time, remember to replace the battery with a new one to prevent the battery from being damaged and the battery fluid from corroding the internal circuit. ▲ Don’t think that the smart lock can replace the battery by yourself~ Protect the smart door lock, just like protecting other precious electronic products, starting from the details. The small smart door lock is responsible for the guarding function of the whole family, so you must take good care of it!
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