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If the door lock cannot be unlocked by the anti lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-27
Generally, if the horn lock is locked reversely and can not be opened with the key, it is the fault that the hook of the oblique tongue lock is uncoupled, and the grip can not drive the oblique tongue when it is idling. How to unlock the lock at this time. If you are in the door, you can find a wire to unlock it. There is a small hole in the neck of the door lock. Insert the tenon into the door and pull out the door lock at the same time. When you pry the door lock open, there are two fixing screws in it that need to be turned away. Then when the lock body is pushed out and only the oblique tongue is left, use the flat screwdriver to drive the oblique tongue to move the hook horizontally without letting go, you can push the door open. If a person is outside the door, grip a pair of lock handles with a pair of olecranon pliers, remove the handle and lock cover, and then knock in the lock body, you can see the oblique tongue, and then use a flat screwdriver to pull the oblique tongue to move it horizontally without letting go, so that the door can be pushed open. 2 if the third-order lock cannot be opened, if the key cannot be opened, only the lock company can find the lock. It is not recommended to climb the window to open the door. It's too dangerous. After all, it doesn't cost much to change a lock! 3. Automatic lock. If the child is locked inside and can't be unlocked, you can't be nervous at this time. Guide the child to unlock the lock slowly and let the child turn the lock anticlockwise, such as five section lock. The lock is pulled up and down, and the lock is opened down. 4 the car lock is the most easy to reverse lock. It may be that the sensor is faulty or the lock button is broken. If you are not careful, you'd better find a professional lock company to help you unlock the lock. If you do not hook it, you may scratch the door, or the hook will be caught.
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