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If there is such a problem with your door lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-27
The security door is relatively safe in the daily use process, but in the daily use process, there are inevitably such and such problems, but when there are problems, which can be solved by themselves, which need to call master Huang to unlock the company's telephone 0898-66666119 editor, which will give you a reason. 1. The door is not opened and closed smoothly due to the gravity of the door leaf itself or the door hinge, which causes the door leaf to sink. Sometimes, the door is locked or the door is not opened smoothly. It is very difficult to lock the door with the key at this time. At this time, do not twist the key forcibly to avoid breaking the key. Solution: if the door leaf sinks due to the loose hinge, fix the loose hinge with screws. In this case, it is not necessary to call master Huang to unlock the company's phone. 2. If the anti-theft door cannot be opened outside, it will cause that the anti-theft door cannot be opened: the external lock cylinder is damaged intentionally by external force without trace, resulting in the dislocation of the spring inside the lock cylinder, making the lock cylinder unable to be opened; the lock cylinder will also be unable to be opened if glue and foreign matters are injected into the lock cylinder. In this case, you need to call master Huang at 0898-66666119 to provide door-to-door unlocking service and hand it over to a professional technical team to solve the problem immediately. Solution: in fact, we can deal with this situation ourselves, that is, clean up the foreign matters in the lock cylinder, and then add pencil powder and use the key to open it. However, if it is caused by sabotage, it is recommended to call master Huang to unlock the company's phone to replace a new lock. 3. When the door lock is tightened, many people like to drip some lubricating oil into the lock, which may make the door lock smooth. However, because the oil is easy to stick to dust, it will be easy to slowly accumulate dust, and form oil putty, which will make the door lock more prone to failure. Solution: cut some pencil fragments or some candle fragments, blow them into the lock cylinder through a thin tube, and then insert the key and turn it repeatedly for several times. If it is a more serious fault, please call master Huang to unlock the company at 0898-66666119, and ask professionals to solve it at home. The above is the problem of door lock. If you can't understand and solve it yourself, you can directly call master Huang to unlock the door at 0898-66666119 for door-to-door service, so as to provide more convenience for your life.
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