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If you have a lover often forgot to take my key ( His girlfriend) The best gift, Chinese valentine's day is to send her a smart lock!

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-19
If you have a lover often forgot to take my key ( His girlfriend) , Chinese valentine's day the best gift is to send her a smart lock! The annual seven ( nüè) Evening ( gǒu) Festival is coming around again already 'the flood of love is pure and fresh smell all also was as sweet as madly in love hour but when the Chinese valentine's day dawned moment can you thinking about the day to send your lover ( His girlfriend) Is small, the key is a priority to send her what gift ability captured her heart let her willingly and you all the way to take some food, go to the hotel to you may go to ask the baidu online but answers are not so good as to give the following such Suggestions: this is not calling you a seasoned road she free, don't you into the hell it is to say, a snake to seven inches a gift to send to the question on the heart, what gifts ability hold spouse ( His girlfriend) Heart? What ring, roses, durex otherwise what necklaces, mobile phone, and so on are all too common, no new idea then and send what good? Small make up this day Lord a gift, this relative is very special, and relative to lock her heart that is what kind of gift, no hurry to look at first, the one you love, His girlfriend) At the bottom of the can also had these suffer every month there are then a few days! ! ! Leave my keys at home! And then, lock itself out of the house! Ok, then find a locksmith to! Some moments, she casually throw the keys to a moment, suddenly scared actually don't know who throw 'with a' where on earth is still dig out how also can not find some time, just go out to throw garbage shut the door a crack and who knows, does not serious then gently blows her so much, have been mercilessly rejected again hard luck ah, have to find a locksmith to help a lot of time again, far out of the door to remember, forget to insert the key lock the door when you leave the moment itself may always feel itself is not locked in, had to cannot base shop to pull out the key and may have locked the door home seem to be late for work again believe that the one you love, His girlfriend) Relative met the cannot and suffered actually, when I saw her after the loss of key that cannot be expression, you worried but is also don't know how to do well, small make up gift is also a moment to surface is Lord, there is also a wise users have already guess small make up the heart of the gift is present in the field of smart home web celebrity - — Why smart locks to send a smart lock? Behold! Intelligent lock fingerprint will unlock finger is the key, no longer afraid of losing the keys unless your lover ( His girlfriend) Lost itself simply do not have lost itself will not worry can't open the door also won't appear forgot the key, the loss of key and lock the door outside happens in addition to the need to carry the key intelligent locks the lock time just can lift the handle on the ( Fully automatic intelligent lock, closed) , it is said that the lock is not only a convenient then simple intelligence against thief has itself a couplet, intelligent lock lock is mostly hidden second, otherwise prevent pry it alarm function and fingerprint is not copy the thief don't close to it even close to it, and take it to some smart locks with cameras to also be intelligent lock is safe and convenient, the capture and lock the lover ( His girlfriend) The best Chinese valentine's day gift Chinese valentine's day, is coming to the one you love, His girlfriend) The intelligent lock ready
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