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If you want to build a primary intelligent home, these equipments are indispensable

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
The concept of smart home has been called for many years, but in the eyes of many people, there is still a long way to go with their own lives. In fact, with the development of the smart hardware industry, the threshold for experiencing intelligent life is greatly reduced. Although it is still difficult to realize the intelligence of the whole house, it is relatively easy to build a primary intelligent home. So, what equipment is needed to build a primary intelligent home? Let's take a look at it with the small Editor of Huaqiang wisdom network. Intelligent door lock intelligent door lock belongs to the typical product that has not been used before, but once used, it can no longer be separated. The original ID card, mobile phone, key and wallet are the four major items that must be taken out of the door' With the smart door lock, not only can the lock be quickly unlocked by fingerprint, but also the embarrassment of forgetting to bring the key is completely solved. In addition to fingerprint door opening, smart door locks have many flexible and convenient unlocking methods, such as password opening, remote password opening, mobile phone APP opening, etc. , which can be both safe and convenient. Smart speakers smart speakers have sprung up in the past two years, of which smart home control is a very attractive function point, but at present their control range is very limited. In fact, in addition to smart home control, smart speakers can also play a big role in daily life, such as using it to check the weather, play music, set the alarm clock, etc. , which are much more convenient than using a mobile phone. Although this is only a very primary function of the smart speaker, it can really bring convenience to life. Smart TV, in the scene of watching TV, the voice function is also very practical and convenient, want to see what to say directly, no need to use the remote control for complex search, even some televisions support far-field voice search, and perhaps televisions will no longer be equipped with remote controls in the future. In addition, some televisions also support image recognition, and people or objects in TV pictures can be directly searched when watching TV. Although smart TV has been around for many years, it is only now that it truly reflects its intelligence. Electric curtains, pulling curtains is not a difficult thing to say, but it is inevitable that it will be boring every day, and even annoying. What is needed at this time is electric curtains. The early electric curtains only realized mechanical control, but now they have added the design of intelligent APP control. In addition to using mobile phones for remote control, they can also directly make appointment timing settings on mobile phones, let the curtains open or close regularly every day, no need to consider the problem of pulling the curtains. Sweeping robot, sweeping robot is born with intelligent attributes, which is mainly reflected in its automatic cleaning capability. With the development of technology, sweeping robot begins to have higher and higher path planning capability, at the same time, the operation mode has become more and more intelligent, and even no longer equipped with a physical remote control, all operations can be done on the phone. Because noise interference occurs during work, the reasonable use of the sweeping robot is when there is no one at home. The mobile phone can not only remotely control, but also make appointments, so that the sweeping robot can complete the cleaning task on time every day. The above is just some smart items. Although some of them can already establish connections, such as using smart speakers to control sweeping robots, they are still in a state of fighting on their own. There is still a big gap between primary smart products and complete smart home solutions, but with the development and maturity of smart home, they must be interconnected in the future, the use experience will obviously rise to a higher level.
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