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In addition to electronic locks, what should we pay attention to?

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-21
Although the key to the anti-theft door is the lock, other aspects should not be too sloppy. The basic anti-saw, anti-pull, and anti-impact capabilities must be possessed. Because it cannot be ruled out that some frenzied people will really open the door violently, the longer the defense time, the better. ①Steel plates and fillings The anti-theft door material is mostly steel, which is composed of two layers of steel plates, a steel frame and internal fillings. The thickness of the steel plate is the most important. It is best to choose the Class A anti-theft door with the highest security level. The thickness of the outer and inner panels of the door leaf is not less than 1mm, and the thickness of the door frame is not less than 2mm. It has good anti-saw and impact resistance. The fillers in the door generally include honeycomb paper, fireproof rock wool, polyurethane foam, aviation aluminum foil and other materials. Among them, aviation aluminum foil is the best filler, with good fireproofing, sound insulation and warmth retention effects, and honeycomb paper is the second best. ▲ Polyurethane foam filling ②Cat's eye With everyone's emphasis on locks, now many thieves start with the cat's eye instead of the lock when attacking the security door. First use the 'anti-cat's eye sight glass' to see the indoor situation, then remove the cat's eye directly from the outside, extend the tool into the house, and directly poke the door handle to open the door. Regarding the protection method of this behavior, if it is a mechanical lock, you must use a key to lock the door when you go out. After the door is locked, the latch will lock, and no matter how you twist the door handle, it will not open. If it is an automatic lock, don't install a cat's eye, because the bolt of the automatic lock is automatically locked with the door and does not need to be locked with a key. Twist the handle inside to open it all. No matter how high the level of the lock is, as long as it can't be locked, it will only take a few minutes to remove the peephole, insert the tool, and open the door. The cat's eye on the Fuyu six-eye Tianshun smart lock fundamentally prevents the possibility of peeping from outside the door, and it is difficult to pry open. The most important thing is that it can also take pictures and videos, which can be used as evidence when necessary, which is more secure.
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