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In Sanya car key lock, please send to Sanya 24-hour

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-05
Some time ago in Sanya, a car owner left the car key in the car when he was resting in the service area. When he couldn't open the door, he contacted the 4S shop of the repairman, who couldn't open the door. Finally, he contacted his family to get the spare key and tried to use his mobile phone to transmit the unlocking signal for a long distance, but he failed. The master finally called to the service area to unlock the lock. The company's master unlocked the lock after asking for a series of information and checking relevant certificates. So, if the car key is locked in the car by mistake, what should owners do? The company tells you: the first method is that there are two keys in general vehicles, one of which is spare. If the car is locked by mistake, the spare key can be used to unlock it. But this move can only be used if it is not far away. If such a situation happens in a different place, you can only wait for others to send the key, or use the following method. The second way is to invite the company, but the company needs to see the ID card driving license and other valid documents. The cost is generally around 200-800, and the price of a single model is higher. If the materials are incomplete, the company will refuse to open the lock. Third, many high-end models now have a long-distance car network system. If the car is locked by mistake, it can be unlocked through the manufacturer's after-sales service system. Conditions your car must have similar functions, and it must be a paid member. The fourth method is to smash the glass to open the door in case of special emergency. If smashing the glass, we must choose the right direction. Don't think that the smaller the company is, the cheaper the glass is. In fact, the smaller the price is, the higher the price is. It's not only difficult to smash, but also often out of stock. The service center recommends that you smash the glass to select the rear side window glass.
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