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In the era of intelligence, start with a smart lock that suits you-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-23
In the era of smart home, how to choose a smart door lock that you really need in your heart? This is the question you have to consider. You may tell me: 'Safe, good-looking, easy-to-use, good service, and cost-effective is what I want.' This may be the common standard of every consumer, but when you go online or go to the market to buy At that time, you have no way to start, or come back if you ask for what you don’t want. The current smart home market is a market that has just started, so it is normal for some products that are substandard and fake emperor's new clothes. In order to enable consumers to better understand smart locks and choose the smart lock that suits them, I personally made the following analysis on how to buy a suitable smart lock: 1. Smart lock: The value of the smart lock should be higher, and the lock will look good. Is very important, at least he can play a finishing touch. In view of the fact that the smart lock is a durable product for home security, it is not a product that can be used independently. It must be installed on a variety of doors and used together, so it is not a question of whether the lock is good or not, but after it is installed on the door, the door is more Good-looking, more tasteful question. An excellent lock designer, he is definitely not designed for locks, but for the harmony between the door and the lock, and the harmony between the door lock and the home. 2. Smart lock: Without APP, it is not smart, and without cloud, there is no convenience. The successful development of the Internet and APP mobile phone unlocking has brought the intelligence of smart locks to a very high level. A lock without APP unlocking is by no means a smart lock. The fingerprint locks, sensor locks, and password locks on the market now have no intelligence to talk about, which means that the era of traditional fingerprint locks, sensor locks, and password locks is over. We have begun to enter: the era of wireless Internet technology, intelligent encryption and decryption technology, and cloud technology. All operations are easy as long as you open the mobile phone app. The emergence of the cloud key can easily solve all the distance problems that cannot be solved by traditional locks. 3. Smart lock: a new standard of security: the intelligent encryption and decryption system will make security more secure, make safe operations easier, and prevent hackers from decoding (anti-junzi). Mechanical anti-theft can be destructively opened with anti-drilling, anti-prying, anti-twisting (anti villain). 4. Smart lock: perfect service is important. Smart lock service costs are relatively high, and service selection is sometimes more important than lock selection. A perfect service network is very important. No matter what kind of smart lock and service strength are not open, without a perfect network, the service is difficult to achieve. Smart locks that use the Internet mindset can still be opened, because your good evaluation is his most important pursuit. 5. Smart lock: Don't forget the feelings of the elderly and children. I don't know when it started, smart products have become the patent of young people. You have to understand: Smart lock is a household item, and taking care of each member's experience can make the home more harmonious. Looking at the current smart locks, there are very few products that can be designed for the elderly and children. It is easy to buy a smart lock, but you still need to do a lot of homework to buy a smart lock that is suitable for home, suitable for each member, and inexpensive.
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