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In the era of national Lock, price war is not the final option for the smart lock industry

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-17
Smart locks are cheap, not 9999, not 999, only 299. Yes, you heard it right, 299. You can't afford to lose 299 yuan and you can't afford to fall for 299 yuan; 299, you can't go to Singapore and Hong Kong; 299 is not enough to take lovers to romantic Turkey; Although the smart lock is not a heirloom, but men, women and children can't leave; 299, buy a smart lock home, go out and throw away the key, the wife is happy, the old man is rare, the children like it, the family is happy! ' Although this is only a joke circulated in the circle of friends, it reflects the extremely bad price war in the smart lock industry. Today, the smart lock has dropped thousands of miles from the high price that the public can't afford, and has fallen to the least cheap price of 200 or 300 yuan. If a smart lock for 200 or 300 yuan can be of good quality and low price, it is also a good thing for users. But unfortunately, in many cheap smart locks, most of them are defective products without quality assurance. Therefore, once such a product is bought back by the user, once there is a problem or failure, it will not only damage the user's interests, but also overdraw the reputation of the entire industry. It can be said that this is a matter of harming people and not benefiting themselves. Of course, this is closely related to the extremely fierce competition in China's smart lock industry. Today, more than 2000 enterprises and more than 3000 brands compete on the same stage. Although the whole industry is more lively, it has also plunged the whole industry into unprecedented chaos, plagiarism, price war and other chaos have become the new normal of the current smart lock industry'. After all, among the numerous smart lock brands, there are many small brands and small enterprises that do not have research and development capability, quality assurance, brand awareness and perfect after-sales system, there are even small workshop-style family businesses. Moreover, most enterprises use male model production, just like Huaqiang North's functional mobile phone, as long as you want to do it, you can purchase different parts from different channels, finally, a whole lock is formed by simple assembly. In other words, China's smart lock industry has entered an era of lock making for all, and the entry threshold for the industry is getting lower and lower. A better big brand comes in, uses ODM form, designs it by itself, and then finds a good foundry; The general enterprise only wants to join in the fun, too lazy to design and research and develop, directly find an enterprise OEM, what products do others have; Coupled with some products produced by public molds, many products in the market have been difficult to distinguish from appearance. This leads to the whole industry's good-looking skins, and the interesting soul is one in a million'The status quo. Therefore, under the background of extremely serious homogenization, those enterprises that do not have research and development strength, brand awareness, quality assurance and perfect after-sales system can only fight for prices. Price war is the only way for every industry from the early stage of development to maturity. Just like the air conditioning industry, after a round of reshuffle and elimination of more than 1000 brands in the chaotic period, there are now less than 100 brands left. Among them, the air-conditioning industry has experienced a change from a price war to a value War, and the surviving enterprises will eventually fight for products, services and brands. The smart lock industry will eventually change from today's price war to the value War, and only the price will eventually die. Therefore, first of all, we must understand that the so-called good quality and low price, good quality is the premise. Although, good quality and low price are the pursuit of user locks. However, the basis of good quality and low price is good quality, that is, the quality of products and the after-sales service of enterprises must pass and be guaranteed. Only after solving the problem of good quality can we talk about low price. That is to say, whether you sell 2999, 1999, even 999, 699, or 299, quality is the premise, not to mention cheap without quality. Secondly, we need to understand that what users want is not necessarily really cheap, but value for money. The so-called one penny for one item is to make users feel that the value they spend can get items of equal value. Just like current users buying air conditioners and household appliances, the first choice must be Haier, Midea, Gree, Philips, Hisense, TCL, Samsung, LG and other major brands at home and abroad, because these brands can provide good quality, but also provide good after-sales service, so that users feel that buying back is guaranteed. Thirdly, we must understand that only reasonable profits can enterprises develop healthily. Selling 299, 399 and 499 smart locks is hard to say that there is no profit, only more or less profit. Now, Xiaomi's smart lock is also under preparation. According to Xiaomi's 5% profit, it must not dare to sell the smart lock to 300 or 400 yuan. Without profit, it is not only difficult for enterprises to maintain normal operation, but also lacks funds to do research and development, brand promotion, channel construction and after-sales service system construction, if these are not done well, it is difficult to form the core competitiveness of the enterprise, so in addition to the price, it is difficult to find a breakthrough. On the other hand, the price war not only did not give itself much benefit, but even made its peers suffer. Therefore, the competition in the smart lock industry, price war is not the final option, and the future smart lock industry is bound to enter an era of intensive cultivation of products, brands and after-sales.
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