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In the opening season, the traditional campus access control encountered ''? New Kaipu smart door lock shows wisdom

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
As the entrance of intelligent products of the internet of things, the development of door lock intelligence has always attracted much attention. From simply expanding the opening of multiple media to mutual control of the internet of things, the door lock has entered a new stage of the development of Internet of Things technology, on the basis of fully ensuring safety, a complete set of intelligent service system is established with other security products and data systems to bring comfortable and convenient experience to users and show their true wisdom. Based on 18 years of experience in the construction of smart campus, the new Cape focuses on improving user experience and deepening the application of smart card technology. It innovatively develops a new generation of campus smart door locks by transforming traditional campus entrance guard locks, throw away the complicated traditional keys and make mobile phone APP, campus card, password, fingerprint, etc. a new type of door opening method. The data can be traced back and found a perfect balance between campus management and student service, has unparalleled advantages. Principal, we need to control the cost, the school construction cost is low: 1, can access the campus card system, no need to build a separate background and server. 2, offline, networked, independent version of a variety of specifications are free to choose. 3. All parts are self-produced, reducing intermediate links. 4, the country's first low power Sub-1G band encrypted communication. 5, optional rechargeable lithium battery, charging battery life at any time, free of disassembly and maintenance. 6. Routing-free single-level network architecture, which can access WIFI network. Teachers and students, convenient and fast is our favorite, teachers and students use more convenient: 1, mobile phone APP, password, credit card, fingerprint, physical key and other ways to open the door. 2. Docking the educational administration and personnel management system, issuing and maintaining a one-key remote list. 3, the management side to check the door lock status information at any time, logistics problems early prevention. 4, hardware encryption, you can still use the dynamic password to open the door after offline. 5. Different regional administrators can be assigned to facilitate the management of buildings or floors. Logistics Management, we need safe and convenient management measures, management safety factor is high: 1, the whole system uses Super B- class lock cylinder, stainless steel high-strength lock body, hardware is safe and reliable. 2, the background system security monitoring, automatic early warning, prevention in the bud. 3. The electronic key is stored in the cloud and cannot be copied. 4. The password hardware and software double encryption technology is consistent with the bank's dynamic password. 5, access control big data analysis, abnormal warning information for logistics management services. School season tired replacement lock cylinder and distribution key? The new Kaipu door lock management system can be connected to the smart campus platform. The graduation season and the opening season are authorized to grant access to teachers and students, and the background is handled by one button. The maintenance is simple, which is so convenient. Temporary personnel access control management difficulties? Based on the hardware encryption algorithm, the National original door lock can continue to use the random temporary password to open the door after it is offline, and the mobile phone APP of the personnel who have obtained the door opening permission generates a random temporary password for the temporary personnel to open the door at a time, the time of opening and closing the door recorded in the background can be traced back, which is safe and reliable. How to manage all access control with one click? The new Cape door lock management system adopts B/S architecture, and all door locks can be conveniently managed through a browser, real-time monitoring of door lock signal strength, battery power, door opening status, check-in personnel information, door opening records and other information, background remote maintenance, convenient management. Door lock data precipitation for management? The new Kaipu intelligent wireless door lock records the status information of each door lock in real time, accesses the intelligent campus big data analysis system, forms a perfect campus identity authentication big data report, broadcasts early warning in real time, and serves for management. The new Kaipu smart door lock relies on unparalleled intelligent and intimate micro-service application mode, it has successfully landed in many colleges and universities across the country, such as Wenzhou University, Henan procuratorial Vocational College, Henan Normal University Xinlian College, Yunnan economic and trade Foreign Affairs vocational college, etc, without exception, it has solved the pain points of difficult management and maintenance of access control in public areas: the door lock management system of Xinlian College is deeply integrated with intelligent campus welcome, Cebu and other systems, intelligent and efficient operation modes such as mobile phone online dormitory selection and one-button access control management have greatly improved the use experience of suguan and students; The application of the door lock in the office area of Wenzhou University has been straightened out'And management' The relationship between teachers and students and the efficient and convenient access control management make teachers and students handy and work together to serve the teaching. The new Kaipu intelligent wireless door lock does not simply solve the problem of key management, but also uses the networking advantages of intelligent door locks to unify school logistics, security and teaching into the digital campus management system, intelligent, efficient and convenient service for teachers and students and campus management. ' The time and space of the internet of things, the core service and the new Kaipu smart door lock micro-service only add bricks and tiles to the smart campus.
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