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Indoor door installation steps in detail

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-15
In every family, usually is made up of different ages, there are between each member privacy, privacy is the most basic indoor door locks, indoor door lock is a good way to put the two isolated from space, so as to ensure the independence of each space. How to install the door? Take a look at the indoor door lock factory workers is how to introduce it.     Door lock information & emsp;   Door lock is a device that can prevent others open different areas there are differentiated to the requirement of door lock, lock the main types are: holding hands, ball lock, lock the glass door locks, anti-theft lock, fingerprint lock, mute lock and so on. When selecting a door lock, need to consider the use of space, consider buying what kind of door lock.     Indoor door lock installation steps: & emsp;   In terms of the definition of a door lock, door lock is a device can be used to prevent others to open the door. In different places, the required type of lock is different. Among them, the main types of door locks have anti-theft door locks, trick lock, the fingerprint lock, smart door locks, etc. In addition, different types of lock anti-theft coefficient and safety factor are also different. Need to consider when choosing a door lock how much security. In fact, when you installed indoors, you will come into contact with the installation of the door. Next, we will show you how to install door lock in your room.     The direction of the door, identify home & emsp;   Usually to buy locks, hardware stores or online merchants would ask family faces which side to open the door, open the door direction determines the indoor door lock should be installed where a side, this is very important. Common is hinge and open the door in the same direction, on the other side of the door lock installed on the hinge. Doing so will not make a mistake.     Three, locks installation steps & emsp;   First determine the height of the lock, and then cut in the right place. Lock play after lock lock body into the hole, then tighten the two retaining screw, the last on the handle of the door lock installation, and then tighten, test the door lock is rigid with the hand, the lock is sensitive and so on, if found the problem, find and solve the problem.     Four, error solution & emsp;   According to the feedback, many users will be the mistake when install door lock, such as lock open wide, lead to the lock installed appeared deviation, not beautiful. Encounter this kind of situation, don't try so hard, the remedy can use sand paper and paint. If you meet some can't solve the problem, then suggest looking for indoor door lock manufacturers to seek help, in general can be solved.     Many people say the door installation is a very simple little things, but always met with problems, such as 'accidental' cool, can always find a solution.     Door lock information recommendation: what are the elements of interior door lock a good interior door lock daily maintenance skills
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