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Indoor door installation steps in detail Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-09
Indoor door lock is the first barrier to protect family property, played an important role which cannot be ignored. Believe that many people have met indoor locks failure need to change, if change the lock master door-to-door service, cost is too high, and diy installation and don't know the specific method. Fu yu hardware small make up today about the detailed introduction of indoor door lock for you what are the installation steps, follow operation, learn to install.     Indoor door lock installation steps: & emsp;   1, check whether the goods in packaging is complete.     A lock core 2 article, square root, a pair of lock body, a handle, iron a screws, bolts, panel butt screw 4, 4, key lock body screw 4.     2, will open a good groove, lock body in advance with a lock body screws.     Article 3, will the insert lock body hole, pay attention to the tank side itself.     4, will dock panel screw is turned on, the standby & emsp;   5, will turn on the small screw to install the door of the screw holes.     6, will link the spiral pipe installed on the small screws.     Article 7, aim the panel inserts, twist, pay attention to install door hand direction.     8, the docking of long screw twist on the handle of the hole, on the links to the spiral pipe.     9, install the lock core, rotating torsion, the lock tongue can pop up normally, fixed lock screw.     10, will depend on box and repair the mouth piece of into the door frame groove.     11, screwed on box.     12, tighten each link screws & emsp;   Indoor door lock installation is over here, and finally can put the key into the keyhole, test whether can be flexible open.
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