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Indoor door lock - eighty yuan Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-08
Indoor door lock is below eighty yuan, indoor door lock as life can not lack of hardware products, a good interior door lock can be used ten years, the price is around eighty, indoor door lock eighty yuan of the following there are many kinds of styles, and customers are more likely to accept range. About indoor door lock on the market price is multifarious, yao looks similar in the two locks, the price may be far, choose to behind, dazzled the customer, or don't know how to choose.     Indoor door lock eighty yuan the following, when it comes to price, we will pay attention to, about the price of indoor door lock on the market is a lot of, have ex-factory price, wholesale price, retail price, factory price, and so on. Different, the price would be different. Take the rich yu hardware, price in eighty yuan, is the wholesale price, take the price of the same design from the hardware store, will rise one to two times as much, mainly because of the rent fee, plus hardware store their own profit, the split down, or by the consumers.     Indoor door lock is below eighty yuan, indoor door lock as hardware products, the price is affordable, take the three-bedroom, also need 4, 5, lock, the total price is a few hundred dollars, but in a long time ah, have no problem with a 5, 6 years, very cost-effective. Fu yu hardware interior door production 21 years experience, every lock after 158 strict screening process, to ensure that the service industry standards, quality assurance for two years, free after-sales.
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