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Indoor door lock industry development present situation

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-23
Indoor door lock industry development present situation now Internet speed is far greater than the entity industry development, led to the entity industry decline, indoor door lock manufacturers are also excessive in the direction of the Internet, hope by the power of the Internet brings to the lock not the same as the status quo, development brings to the door lock industry sales work better. Locks the future development is closely related to the Internet, the Internet can to provide the products to consumers, the overall market, the latest information, etc. Various locks advantage also can give other door lock manufacturers to provide more Suggestions for improvement, aiming at the development of globalization, launching products that meet the consumer demand in a timely and effective manner, with the help of the Internet display function, can survive under current situation. Now is the development trend of locks: the pursuit of higher security, decorative, specification, design, brand standardization; Technology requirements: fine plating, polishing, surface treatment, integrated of production automation, etc. In terms of the present stage: domestic locks mainly produced in guangdong and zhejiang two regions, which mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, caused the serious waste of resources and environmental pollution, the form is very serious. Suggested that indoor door lock manufacturer or from their own products, brand image development, solid foundation, increase investment in research and development, in order to obtain a better development.
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