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Indoor door lock manufacturers divided into which categories - tell you lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-05
Indoor door lock is an essential part of every family hardware products, not only can ensure the security of personal privacy, can beautify the indoor environment more, more. Different decorate the environment, have different characteristics, demand for indoor door is not the same. But common indoor door lock type on the market, there are so many choices to dazzling, indoor door lock manufacturers today introduced several common indoor door lock, help them better choice.     According to the usage scenario points can be divided into, bedroom door locks, passage locks, bathroom lock three categories.     As the name implies the bedroom door lock is installed on the bedroom door lock, safeguard illicit close sex of the bedroom also has a high requirement to mute at the same time, otherwise will greatly affect the normal work and rest; Channel locks are normally installed in corridor, wooden door, such as kitchen, only have the effect of switch, and no safety switch; Toilet bathroom lock, lock, also known as the common lock without the key design, internal have locked bolt, this design fully ensure the personal privacy.     According to the appearance can be divided into: fission indoor door locks, indoor door lock and three types of ball lock.     Fission lock and one lock is called a hand lock, is common in the usual life, and now the mainstream of indoor door lock; Spherical ball lock handle design, the structure is more complex, the security is poor, prone to failure, gradually eliminated by the market.     Indoor door lock factory remind everybody: when choosing indoor door lock, advised to choose a big brand, bear in mind that covet petty gain, should choose to have strength, have scale lock factory production of products, safeguard their rights.
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