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Indoor door lock manufacturers - in guangdong Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-27
A jinan customer search online indoor door lock manufacturers in guangdong, and then found us, communication, found that want to find indoor door lock manufacturers in guangdong, because guangdong door lock industry is relatively developed, with certain regional features, but is not to say that all door locks manufacturers in guangdong, other areas, there is no good indoor door lock manufacturers. The original factory product quality is a bit behind of cooperation, and there is no after-sales service, product out of the point of failure, no one processing. Want to find a good manufacturer cooperation, so as to avoid product problems.     Guangdong indoor door lock manufacturers, the customer demands for indoor door lock quality is higher, want to go to factory to have actual strength. Although not rich yu hardware in guangdong, but the customer or choose cooperation with us. The reason? Impressed the customer is very simple, the quality of the product. Fu yu hardware production of indoor door lock used high tonnage, 80 t die-casting technology, interior door lock than their peers to extend the use cycle for five years, and is manufacturers selling products. Fu yu hardware is a brand manufacturer, has its own research and development team, in the production of interior door have the patent certificate, has been operating for 21 years, the witness of tens of thousands of customers.     Guangdong indoor door lock manufacturers, can see the specific situation in rich yu hardware directly, factory address in wenzhou, zhejiang province, stores in hefei yao sea area, the traffic is very developed. Indoor door lock manufacturers seek rich yu hardware, were satisfied after cooperation.
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