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Indoor door lock manufacturers show you know the door structure

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-06
Now on the market brand there are many kinds of door locks, style and appearance of the product are very similar, consumers can easily choose the dazzling, two of similar products, the price may be far, so what is the internal structure of indoor door lock? Actually lock is mainly composed of lock, lock body, door handles and fittings, etc. And indoor door lock manufacturers under the staff take a look at locks the internal structure of the details. Locks the internal structure: 1, is the core component of lock lock lock core, the components and the key together, constitute the core part of the door lock, common lock are: pure brass lock core, alloy lock core. The pure brass lock core quality is good, price is higher. When buy lock is a very important part of, pay attention to distinguish. Lock structure complexity determines the door lock anti-theft performance, at the time of choice, we can see the key tooth structure, thereby probably guess lock internal structure. 2, lock body, lock body is install all components together, also is the core part of the door lock, common lock body is divided into two single tongue and tongue, and generally the lock body appearance, the greater the price will be high. 3, the handle knob is our common door hand, used to play the lock color components, common materials are: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum space and four kinds of pure copper. Including zinc alloy are popular with the masses of young people, this kind of door lock design, modelling diversity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high performance/price ratio, and integrated, in addition to materials, processing technology was a key part of the impact the handle. 4, accessories indoor door locks the main parts are: key, door stopper, hinge and screw. Key to recommend the best choice of pure copper, this kind of material is not on the show, for a long time is not easy to deformation. Indoor door lock manufacturers show you know the door lock structure seems very simple, in fact is not, need to consider whether the match and at home, every unit can meet the basic needs, attentively, know some knowledge of door lock structure, can save a lot of effort, when choosing to avoid waste.
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