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Indoor door lock manufacturers to share and you lock body surface treatment

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-03
In life we can come into contact with all kinds of locks, such as: car locks, anti-theft lock, electronic locks, card lock, indoor door lock, etc. Can see the surface of the lock body is different, there are a wide variety of texture design and modelling, modelling of all sorts of color of the lock body and mainly because now people life pursuit individuation, the result of quality. So you know how to deal with angled can make the lock body reveal personalized design? Indoor door lock factory workers today are summarized several common methods to share with you.     1, plating & emsp;   This method is to use the principle of electrolysis, chemical electrolysis to lock body surface, make the lock body surface is a kind of protective film, this layer of protective film can make the inside of the metal material from harm, such as: chemicals, oxidation, rust, etc. At the same time through electroplating processing of the surface of the lock body can take different color, beautiful to the lock body.     2, polishing & emsp;   Using metal polishing machine will lock on the surface of the body surface particle polishing processing, at the same time, the degree of polishing is also different in different regions, lock body after polishing treatment of tactile and visual effect and will rise greatly.     3, drawing & emsp;   Metal wire drawing process on the surface of the lock body can form the different texture, can have very good beautification effect, common wire drawing process are: corrugated line drawing, spiral wire drawing, wire drawing and wire drawing. Depending on the product can be dealt with are combined.     4, powder sand & emsp;   Using professional sandblasting equipment to spray powder coating evenly to the surface of the lock body, using the electrostatic attraction, powder forming a uniform coating in the surface of lock body, and then put the product into the high temperature curing oven for baking, so will form a colour and lustre, feel different coating.     In fact in addition to the four methods mentioned by indoor door lock manufacturers, lock body surface processing and other practices, different can carry on the processing customized according to customer's requirements.
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