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Indoor door lock manufacturers to teach you how to lock level difference

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-01
Lock core part is the core of the door lock, A lock anti-theft ability strong and the weak key index is to see the anti-theft lock core ability, common household door lock core has A class A and class B and class C; Common indoor door lock core are: copper, aluminum alloy lock, stainless steel lock, etc. For consumers, the most understanding of lock only exists in the concept, but the specific what are different, a lot of people don't understand, also don't know with what kind of lock appropriate his own house. Here we found the interior door manufacturer staff to let them come and we talk about how to choose a good lock.     A: door lock core & emsp;   Grade A lock: can see from this the key to the lock, A level most of lock key performance for one word and cross two kinds. Speculation from key lock body structure, can see the internal structure of the door lock is very simple, just depend on the number of marbles and the change of the structure to be shut and lock, anti-theft ability is poor, after the test, the grade A lock unlock time within 2 minutes.     B class lock: this kind of lock of guard against theft ability is greater than the grade A lock core, is one of the most now in circulation, there are three keys: computer double row lock, double-sided Ye Piansuo core and double row crescent lock. From the key point of view, than A grade B class lock core lock core is much more clearly A irregular line, increase the security properties, tested B class lock unlock time within 20 minutes.     C level lock: security attributes of the highest kind of lock, the price is higher, are usually used in the financial or accounting office. This kind of lock key within a single blade shape of groove, the lock is the professional master lock must be more than an hour to open, if forced open, will destroy the lock internal structure, cause the door lock was locked completely, can't open it.     2: indoor door lock core & emsp;   Are so common indoor door lock of hand and ball lock, lock the door lock is more beautiful and whether the collocation of indoor whole is harmonious, the door lock to material classification, often see: pure copper, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, etc. Of pure brass lock core quality is better than that of other kinds, iron lock option is not recommended, because over time easy oxidation and rust, affect the use of the lock.     Saw the introduction of the above, we know that the door lock core and common classification of indoor door lock core, is a good lock for family security, selected must be patient and careful.
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