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Indoor door lock manufacturers wholesale custom - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-30
Now people have gradually entered the well-off life, many products are personalized, need to customize, it's the same for indoor door lock industry, many manufacturers have to start the custom services, to meet the market demand. But if as a custom service, quality can guarantee? Of course, the answer is 'no'. After all, have a good is bad, cannot treat as the same, indoor door lock manufacturers wholesale custom, or to find a strong, industry reputation manufacturers cooperation.     Indoor door lock manufacturers wholesale custom, rich yu hardware to provide professional interior door lock custom service, oneself is also a manufacturer, of the large number of indoor door lock if the customer needs, and to provide design drawings, modified by us production mould, according to the drawings to make locks. Proofing is completed, to the customer to confirm actual effect, where inappropriate change, until customer satisfaction. After customer confirmed, then the mass production, packaging boxes, through the logistics transportation, to the customer, the whole process is very simple.     Indoor door lock manufacturers wholesale custom, looking for a manufacturer, looking for a custom, is looking for a rich yu hardware, 21 years experience in interior door lock industry, guangdong, zhejiang, hefei has its own entity development base, to produce all kinds of locks 600000, supply ability. About don't have to worry about after-sales, provide 2 hours fast after-sales service, customers have a problem, find a dedicated customer service can solve.
Owing to its custom door lock and custom door lock benefits, has become a buzzword in the custom door lock market.
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