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Indoor door lock selection method - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-14
Indoor door lock in a room, just as its name implies is to use the door locks, the door locks are used in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or the cabinet, can have very good security and the effect of dustproof, according to indoor door locks with different position, choose appropriate own indoor door lock, choice of elements mainly contain: functional, beautiful sex, production materials, and so on. Today's interior door manufacturer and professional staff for you detailed talk about what are common indoor door lock on the market.     Hold hand lock: indoor one of mainstream door locks, mainly include: fission lock, lock and three pole lock, etc. Familiar with: space aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, pure copper, logs, etc. Now on the market of hand lock is multifarious, various styles, all kinds of materials can be found, some manufacturer also supports private ordering service, it is worth noting: when choosing a hand lock, try to choose after plating the surface of the door lock, this kind of product has a very strong anticorrosive, longer life.     Ball lock: this kind of door lock is many years ago was widely like a lock, in recent years, an elimination trend, spherical door lock is generally divided into inner spherical locks and outer spherical door lock, appearance is spherical. Common installed on the interior wooden door, because of the volume and guard against theft, users less and less now.     Motor lock: lock is also known as the spiritual locks, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional motor noise larger power consumption faster, high-quality motor lock, better performance, low noise, small power consumption, the characteristics of common usage scenarios include: office, security doors, fire doors, fire escape, and so on.     Indoor door lock factory website: http://www. zide360. com
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