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Indoor door lock should be how to maintain

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-12
Indoor door lock and the furniture in the home, after a long time also can appear aging, can appear all sorts of problems, affect the use. How could you delay the service life of the door? The answer is maintenance. Locks maintenance believe for many people is a very complicated things, don't know where to start, how should handle? Indoor door lock manufacturers today indoor door maintenance staff will come and you talk about what needs to be done.     Indoor door maintenance: & emsp;   1, to keep lock rolling lubricant has always been, if not, remember to add in time, it is best to keep in about half a year to add a, when add lubricant to the lock core, be careful not to damage the lock core, so as not to affect the normal use of the door.     2, if you meet with a key to open the door, turn the lock core is not smooth, many people like to pour the oil into the keyhole, actually this kind of practice is wrong, the oil viscosity is very big easy to stick to the spring, and after a long time easy to dust, lead to the lock core is not flexible. This time can pour into the right amount of the pencil into the keyhole grey, then turned the key again and again.     3, if found not clean on the surface of the door, remember not to use detergent or cleaner, such chemicals can damage the surface of lock body, lock body is easy to rust, affect the appearance, in the same way, with a wet towel to wipe is inappropriate.     4, the last point is also very critical, just close the door and open the door of time don't use too much strength, overexert will not only damage lock body, even the door will severely damage.     See the above introduction, everyone for indoor door lock should be how to maintain the heart should be more clearly, if there is doubt, can be consulting visit the web site: http://www. zide360. Com/indoor door lock good information: interior door lock and hardware with materials how to select high security indoor door lock door lock the selection method of indoor door lock manufacturers wholesale price
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