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Indoor door lock use cannot be ignored in the process of three misunderstandings

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-18
Indoor door lock usually refers to the locks are usually installed in the indoor, it is not only refers to a kind of product, but as long as it is the use of lock can be called indoor door lock. Although a lot of people every day exposure to indoor door lock, but do not know some practices on the lock body damage, affect the service life. So indoor door locks in use process what mistake? Fu yu hardware below 21 years of interior door lock factory is detailed to introduce for everybody.     Myth: ignore the product itself quality & emsp;   Many friends think indoor door lock can only use can afford a bargain casually, can also use anyway, cheap and easy. In fact this is the wrong idea, poor quality of indoor door lock not only not good-looking appearance, serious and even have sand holes, easy to rust, short-term don't see the difference, but using a year after the gap is gradually revealed, some bad indoor door lock the mutual opening rate is very high, itself exists high risk. In addition, poor indoor door lock using high failure rate for a period of time, locked indoors also happen from time to tome, in this case could not save some.     Myth 2: attaches great importance to the indoor door maintenance & emsp;   Indoor door lock is made of various kinds of metal, rain is easy to rust. So in this rainy weather, the high concentration of water vapor in the air, often should use dry cloth or paper towel wipe the surface of the door, use dry. Small make up careless met many friends, sometimes had just finished washing hands quickly unlock, isolation, the wrong operation will do a lot of damage to indoor door lock, affect the service life.     Myth 3: the keyhole pour oil & emsp;   A lot of friends should have the experience in life, indoor door lock using time grew, lock rotation is not flexible, pour into the keyhole rapeseed oil, with a key turning in circles found that do a lot of flexible, actually this kind of practice is not desirable. The reason is that rapeseed oil or other oil and dust inside the lock body together, forming oil, the oil inside the lock body is not easy to clean, a long period of time, can only change a new lock. The right thing to do, can to lock into the right amount in pencil, pencil grey is a very good lubrication materials, powdery and granular, not combine with other impurities, turn a few times with a key will automatically fall off, does not affect the later use.     More than three of the following is a lot of people in the use of indoor door lock is very easy to meet the erroneous zone, indoor door locks are small, but play a big role, we must not neglect. Ok, do you have other questions about indoor door lock? Welcome to click on the online customer service.
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