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Indoor door lock with zinc alloy, pure copper, what kind of material - stainless steel Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-11
Modern locks from the use of the environment can be divided into indoor door locks, door locks and lock wei yu, more common material has three kinds of stainless steel, zinc alloy and pure copper, indoor door lock is compared in terms of the other two more beautiful and comfortable, on the indoor can insurance, from the outside with a key to open. So from the point of view of the owners, interior door lock with zinc alloy, pure copper, stainless steel which material is better? How should choose? Fu yu hardware small make up the advantages and disadvantages of the three kinds of material collection, hope I can help you.     Zinc alloy indoor door lock: & emsp;   Is the market mainstream locks, occupying most of the share, common colors are: nickel wire drawing, green bronze, dumb four color black, yellow bronze and gold. In addition to color elegant, design also many, not less than 500 kinds of.     Advantages: zinc alloy material quality of a material soft, easy casting molding, can be made into all kinds of complicated shape, after polishing grinding, the surface is smooth, feel better. As for the price, normal zinc alloy indoor door lock price is in 100 yuan of less than, for the vast majority of ordinary families, good quality can be up to 10 years.     Disadvantages: compared with stainless steel material, lower hardness, impact by the outside world, prone to deformation, affect the use. Easy oxidation of zinc alloy belongs to other materials, has a high requirement of electroplating technology, if technology is not mature, lock body surface oxidation rub off easily.     Pure copper interior door lock: & emsp;   Is worth the door handle and lock body panels are made of pure copper production, common colors are yellow, bronze, true gold, give a person a kind of of primitive simplicity heavy feeling, is one of the main material of large door lock villa.     Advantages: pure copper is very stable metal material, have very strong corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance ability, easy to forge, can be made into all kinds of delicate appearance of handles and panel.     Disadvantages: due to the scarcity of pure copper materials, lead to the market price is higher, narrow audience.     Stainless steel interior door lock: & emsp;   Is better to 304 stainless steel material, after polishing grinding with color display. Many undesirable businessman put on the market of 201 stainless steel as 304 stainless steel sales, cheat consumer. So how to distinguish? We can see the difference between the 304 stainless steel interior door lock and 201 & emsp;   Advantages: stainless steel material with good metal properties, high hardness, atmospheric modeling simple, very popular with young consumers, durable stainless steel interior door lock, normal life can reach more than 10 years.     Disadvantages: stainless steel material is qualitative hardness is high, difficult to forging, modelling is a single, cannot meet the demand of different consumers.     Believe you to look at the introduction of the small make up for yourself with what material of indoor door lock has probably understanding, both stainless steel, zinc alloy, or pure copper interior door locks are each have each advantages, consumers need to choose according to their actual needs. In addition, if still not clear, can contact rich yu hardware, 21 years indoor door lock factory, the three kinds of material of indoor door lock has production, design is rich, suitable for different groups.
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