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Indoor door of choose and buy from the lock body lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-15
Indoor door of choose and buy from the lock body lock room door lock is every family some items, the door can guarantee safety and decorate the atmosphere of the room in the home, but there are so many kinds of door lock on the market, consumers do not know how to start, some consumers even only understand the price, and then place the order. It is very irresponsible for the selection of the door, the poor quality of door lock anti-theft performance is poor, not the role of anti-theft. Indoor door lock factory workers today to teach you to choose.     The choice of interior door lock method: & emsp;   1, locks material. This is to choose the core element of the lock. Common locks material: zinc alloy door locks, space aluminum door locks, stainless steel door locks and pure copper, stainless steel and zinc alloy door locks by ordinary people like it, these two locks high cost performance, if you need to pay attention to when buying stainless steel door lock, lock material 304 stainless steel or 201 stainless steel. Some businesses can fish in troubled waters, regard 201 as the 304 sale, cheat consumer.     2, the appearance of the door lock & emsp;   With the development of the era, indoor door lock in addition to the common security function, and added other functions by the new, that decorates beautification. Locks the beautiful degree directly affects the whole family style is tie-in, when choosing so must not be ignored, whether need to look at when buy locks and home is tie-in, locks have surface scratches, whether level off, and so on.     3, lock core quality & emsp;   Lock is the key of the door lock, its quality directly determines the grade of the door lock, usually the more complex the lock, lock, the more the more difficult to open it. Here a lot of people will ask, when buy, how do you know the keyhole? Method actually very simple, as long as according to the key teeth is ok. The more the more complex the key structure, the more complex the lock. Security door lock is very high.     Through the above introduction, we should know why the choice depends on the lock body interior door lock, lock body for the importance of the door lock is self-evident, everybody need to be very pay attention to when buy, in case to buy bad products. Good information recommendation: indoor door lock manufacturers to teach you a few open lock method indoor lock rusted
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