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Indoor door of hand lock price how many, how to choose is not cheated?

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-27
Indoor door hand lock is almost every enterprise, each project, each house must use hardware fittings, it also illustrates the market for indoor door from the side of the hand has been a great demand for the lock, manufacturer of interior door of hand lock on the market quantity is very much, we found that many buyers in choosing indoor door while on a hand lock price differs very big, don't know how should choose? Buy expensive, worry about who deceived; Too cheap, and worry about the quality problems. This is because the products caused by cognitive is not deep, rich yu hardware to affect indoor door below what are the factors of hand lock price.     The factors affecting indoor door holding hand lock in the price of what?     A: the quality & emsp;   Quality products for indoor door of hand lock how much is the price, a price a points goods, beautiful appearance, long service life and feels comfortable high quality indoor door of hand lock price high, naturally the price 100 yuan of above commonly, with good quality service life can reach more than 10 years, belong to a high grade product.     2: manufacturing & emsp;   Craft that make different, also can give indoor price impact of hand lock the door, take the electroplating process, high-grade products require more than 8 layers and electroplating, can be formed in the metal surface protective layer of multilayer close tight, let internal metal are not harmful material erosion, extend the life cycle.     Three: brand and after-sales & emsp;   For consumers, the brand has played a key role, choose a good interior door of hand lock will choose professional brand products, in use process, product failure, contact the manufacturer, also can get the solution in a timely and effective manner, after all.     Fu yu hardware is a professional manufacturer of indoor door hand lock, with 21 years in the industry production research and development experience, design is rich, the wholesale price, welcome to contact us.
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