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Indoor door selection criteria described in detail Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-11
Interior room door lock is one of the most widely application scope locks in life, to circulate on the market of indoor door from the brand of not less than 1000 kinds of brands between homogeneity serious, often have friends will say, it looked at were two interior room door lock, but it is a far cry from the price. Bedroom door when how should choose? In order to solve this problem, fu yu hardware small make up in the following paragraphs will be to introduce you to the bedroom door selection criteria have?     Indoor door selection criteria: & emsp;   1, see material pledge & emsp;   Production material is one of the key factors of affect indoor lock time, indoor door on the market the circulation of materials are stainless steel, zinc alloy, four kinds of pure copper and aluminum alloy, including the use of zinc alloy and stainless steel material to make indoor room door lock is more popular with consumers, first of all, the price is not high, the second service life is long, and style, can meet the basic needs.     2, see manufacturers strength & emsp;   Indoor door whether small workshops and large manufacturers cannot be compared from the aspects of quality or price. Small workshops in pursuit of low prices, production process to cut corners, reduce the production period, many products are not in conformity with the relevant standards of the industry; And have the strength of indoor door manufacturers, with advanced production equipment and technology, complete management rules and regulations, mechanized production, higher quality.     3, look at the packaging & emsp;   Normal manufacturer production of indoor door when the outer packing should be included these information: the production areas, product name, production materials, standards, surface treatment technology, after-sales service hotline, and so on. When trying to choose a certain carefully observe whether the outer packing of the above information is complete, some manufacturers in order to reduce the pressure of the late after, on the bottle after phone, lead to customers encounter problems, also don't know who look for processing.     Above is introduced regarding indoor door when choose, if there is unclear, you can click on the right side of the online customer service. Fu yu hardware small make up remind everybody: indoor door while the product is not big, but the effect cannot be ignored, when choice must not only look at the price, only to find cheap products, and has affected the later use.
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