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Indoor door so common in our daily life, what are the advantages - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-10
Indoor room door lock is very important in the indoor security guarantee, the advantages of shallow: closed state, have the effect of fixed wooden door; Further advantage is that decorate the indoor environment, beautify the environment. In the bedroom, study, corridor and so on are common. Can not only for home security protection, and looks very beautiful. As life indispensable interior room door lock, what are the advantages? Small make up the following points are summed up.     Indoor door what are the advantages: & emsp;   Advantages: using high quality materials & emsp;   Common on the market of interior room door lock is zinc alloy material, the material quality is very good, by a variety of metal and zinc alloy according to certain proportion, zinc alloy material is not only easy to casting molding, and long service life. In addition, zinc alloy material is easy to plating color, the modelling of the advantages make it has a rich and diverse colors, looks very beautiful, elaborate, like a work of art.     Advantage 2: diverse styles & emsp;   The design of indoor door has a lot of, not less than 100 kinds, each model is designed in accordance with the human touch, ensure the perspective from which to open the door closed, lock body can be fully fit, the hand feels comfortable. And according to different requirements, the design of indoor door support custom design and color, let everyone can find their own style.     Three advantages: colorful & emsp;   The colour collocation of the interior room door lock is rich, such as: red ancient, brushed ash, bright chrome, black, ivory white, gold and so on. Rich and colorful color to meet the various needs of different groups, and the wooden door, let a person shine at the moment, choose high quality materials, regular cleaning, can be used more than ten years.     It is because the interior door material quality, diverse styles, colorful, so to make indoor door play more and more important role in the decoration that occupy the home. Relatively common in the market have a stainless steel interior room door lock, the zinc alloy indoor room interior room door lock, door lock, pure copper can combine when choosing their situation, choose the appropriate type.
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