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Indoor mute door lock what brand is good?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-18
According to the survey, 95. 12% expressed antipathy for indoor door lock noise, mute door lock. For indoor appear quiet environment noise, have normal levels of 60 decibels will wake up 70% of the people, will also affect sleep. So you know what brand indoor mute door lock? First, hao hardware mute door lock a treasure with locks and hardware research and development, production, marketing and service into a professional modern enterprise. Hao bao hardware company since its inception, always focusing on mute door lock areas, dedicated to mute door lock world-class brands, become synonymous with 'mute door lock'. Second, dinggu mute lock dinggu metal alignment with customer needs, starting from the practice, investigation and research, finally developed a mute lock. Dinggu hardware locks engineers say, dinggu enjoy series of door lock through lock body material selection, lock structure design of science, the voice of the lock open close to a minimum. Three, tata tata mute mute lock lock set up 16 years, has always focused on research and development of wooden door, however, is the 'mute' 2012 launch door, base on the needs of modern people, fresh air to lead the door industry, in recent years, the conference also always revolve around the needs of people, launched a 'magnetic locks, mute' second generation ', such as design, at the same time will be our traditional Chinese style style to reinterpret and attracts young people group. Indoor mute door lock of the above three mute door lock, we choose the house treasure hardware mute door lock, is our a good choice, this is also we all need.
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