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Induction intelligent lock shines, door and window industry adds new highlights

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
With the rapid development of the door industry, a new type of inductive intelligent double-fast lock has entered the door industry field. It is widely applicable to door types such as security doors, armored doors and original wooden doors. It has made great contributions to the development of the door industry and the differentiation of products. At the same time, it has also added bright spots to the set door products, which are more and more recognized by the market and loved by users. The so-called 'intelligence' means that the owner can increase the opening function of the opening card and delete the lost opening card according to his own needs, and manage it independently. And it can realize one-card function with supporting products such as building intercom system, entrance guard and attendance system, parking lot gate system, etc. The so-called 'double fast' means opening the door quickly and closing the door quickly. Open the door and gently press the handle after swiping the card. Just close the door and gently lift the handle. It is convenient and fast to open or lock the door with a mechanical key. It is understood that the intelligent double fast lock has extremely high safety and multi-lock point linkage, which can drive the main lock tongue and the heaven and earth rod device. The serial number of the smart sensor card is the only one in the world that cannot be copied, and the spare mechanical key is the anti-technical opening lock. The lock has a safety Bolt anti-lock function, no need to install anti-theft buckle, lock, etc. Inductive intelligent double-fast lock can be matched with anti-theft door, armored door, original wooden door and other manufacturers to be 'win-win'. The door factory will install the intelligent double-fast lock on the door and push the door with lock to the market, it can bring higher added value and new selling points to the door factory products.
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