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Insert core matching maintenance considerations - hand lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-20
Insert core holding hands we often say the wooden door lock, lock the is one of the supporting of wooden door hardware, mainly by: the lock body, the handle and lock, insert common core of hand lock is divided into two kinds, single tongue and tongue of single tongue inserted core of hand lock anti-theft ability is better than that of the tongue, and higher prices. Often used as a home products, how should hand lock insert core selection and maintenance? Fu yu hardware small make up the following points are summarized.     Insert core of hand lock option: & emsp;   1, choose the brand manufacturer produces a hand lock: hand lock market homogeneity serious, all kinds of brand as 1000 species, a lot of small workshops to produce the insert core holding hands locked in a few months can appear fault, needs to be replaced, laborious. Brand manufacturer production product quality more secure.     2, selection and holding open in the same direction of hand lock, can be more convenient to open to close.     3, pay attention to the width of the frame: if holding less than 90 mm thick, then pay attention to, don't choose ball lock, because the installation is on is likely to happen.     Insert core of hand lock maintenance: & emsp;   1, avoid by all means use cleaner clean the surface of the lock body, because a lot of detergent alkaline or acidic, to remove the hand lock lock body surface and metal corrosion, affect the service life.     2, if you use a period of time have obvious sense of blocking, can pour into the right amount of the pencil into the keyhole grey, grey pencil with graphite is given priority to, can have very good lubrication effect.     Insert core selection and maintenance of hand lock is introduced here, if you have not understand place, can click on the right side of the online customer service. Another: the rich yu hardware in hand lock industry has experience for 21 years, is a direct manufacturer, experienced, supply many engineering wood door factory, quality guaranteed.
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