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Insert core of hand which need to pay attention to when buy - lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-03-05
Life often encounter all sorts of problems, such as: indoor security existence hidden danger, according to the different needs of people, all kinds of tools were produced, insert core of hand lock is one such product, USES the lock tongue and doorcase card die design, indoor home security. The functional products so high, so everyone need to pay attention to when buy what?     Insert core of hand lock before buying, first need to install in any occasion, according to the actual conditions, choosing suitable materials, for example, or the bathroom toilet, the space is damper, can choose stainless steel, has a strong corrosion resistant ability, not easy to rust; If it is used on the bedroom door, in addition to beautiful, more want to consider the functional, city life rhythm is fast, a lot of family work and rest time, the noise will affect the others rest opening or closing, so the bedroom use insert core of hand lock to mute as well.     Circulate on the market of insert core of hand lock brand is numerous, what style, what class can be found, when buy small make up recommend choose normal manufacturer production product, quality in line with the industry standard, and secondly, during the warranty period after don't have to worry about. Fu yu hardware specializing in the production of insert core of hand lock 21 years of experience, professional for the wooden door factory, wood shop lock of project to provide supporting services.
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