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Install smart locks for the elderly, give them a piece of safety, and give yourself a peace of mind!

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-11
'Such an'advanced' smart lock, what should I do if I don't use it?' 'Can I use a smart lock at my age?' 'Why is a smart lock so magical, without a key, like a magic!'—— When talking about smart locks with the elderly, they often have many questions and concerns. With the rise of the smart industry wave, there are more and more cases of taking parents to buy smart door locks. Smart locks are actually very suitable for the elderly. The reasons are as follows: 1) Most elderly people have poor memory and often forget to bring their keys when they go out for a walk. But the children are busy with business, so they can only ask someone to help pick the lock. ,very inconvenient. After entering the old man’s fingerprints, you can open the door by pressing the door lock, and you will never forget to bring your key into the house. 2) For the empty-nest elderly, children will worry about their safety, whether it is safe to go home every day, whether there will be bad people at home, etc., install a smart lock, can remotely receive door opening information push, work more secure. Picture So for consumers, how to choose a smart lock suitable for the elderly? Similarly, what adjustments should smart lock companies make to meet the needs of elderly users? 01 Fingerprint recognition rate is high enough. Now, most of the smart door locks on the market use fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking. Although fingerprint unlocking is convenient, there is a problem. Years of work have made the fingerprint pattern of the elderly finger shallower and slower, which affects the user experience. Smart door locks with high recognition rate and fast speed are the first choice for the elderly. Fuyu Smart Lock has a smart lock fingerprint reader with semiconductor biometric fingerprint technology and an embedded AI security chip. It not only has better anti-theft performance, but also has AI self-learning function, which automatically remembers your every unlock, 360° sensitive recognition Although the fingerprints of the elderly and children are relatively shallow, they can basically be used. 02 Voice synchronization The elderly population seems to be immune to smart products. Once taught, they will forget. Although the operation of smart door locks is not as complicated as that of mobile phones, it also requires some steps. The elderly may not be able to read the words on the display of the smart door lock. At this time, voice prompts are particularly important. Smart locks with real human voice prompts are a good choice. The elderly can easily complete fingerprint entry and fingerprint unlocking according to the voice prompts. action. Fuyu smart lock high-definition real person voice prompt operation, easy to operate, the elderly can also use it. 03Remote push and authorized unlocking functions are now accelerating the pace of society. Many young people are busy at work. Most of them are not with their parents, leaving only two elderly people at home. Fuyu smart lock has a door opening record reminder function, which allows children to know the status of their parents' door lock opening at any time. 04Strong safety performance As the first entrance of the family, for the elderly living alone, the appearance and color of smart locks are not the focus of purchase, but safety is the top priority. Fuyu Smart Lock has intimate safety protection functions such as cat-eye protection, double verification mode, multiple alarms, etc., which not only makes the elderly at home safer, but also makes children safer. 05 Worry-free after-sales smart door locks are more complicated than traditional door locks. If there is a problem with the door lock, close after-sales service, quick door-to-door service, and excellent service will alleviate the pressure on children, so after-sales is a problem that must not be ignored. Fuyu smart lock after-sales outlets are all over the country, and the service staff will be specially trained to bring 'red carpet service' to users! The popularity of smart locks is not only a trend, but also a new way of life. The rapid development of smart technology should not 'leave behind' these elderly people who cannot keep up with the pace of the times, but treat everyone with convenience and warmth. A smart door lock is not only an important part of smart security, but also a safe, convenient and smart aging life for parents who are struggling outside. I hope all the elderly can enjoy the safety and convenience of smart life as soon as possible!
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