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Install the three steps - hand lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-18
Hand lock is very common in life a lock, in general as long as the lock body with handles, the lock can be called a hand lock, have common hand lock on market space aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, the material such as pure copper door lock, according to different needs, has a different choice. Then a hand lock after bought, know how to install? Below is indoor door lock factory staff to detailed talk with you.     Hold hand lock installation trilogy: & emsp;   The first step & emsp;   Should read the instructions carefully before installation, to understand the general situation of the lock body, before to gate slot, want how much is the thickness of the door, what is the size of the door frame, through the actual measurement results, combined with the instruction, to determine the specific position lock.     The second step & emsp;   In the process of door opening, must be very careful, in strict accordance with the actual size to operate, in order to avoid lock after the installation is complete, the door can't work, a lot of hand lock is installed above the wooden door, so in the process of operation should be very careful, don't overexert result in the crack of the door frame, or the location of the groove is not correct. Impact locks the overall appearance.     The third step & emsp;   Lock of hand after the installation is complete, the need to install on the door hinge, door stopper, hinge and other supporting tools, need on the lock core coated with lubricant, keep the door of lubrication, back and forth many times the lock and test the actual effect of installation. If during the installation process of unexpected situation, need timely seek professional master carpenters, so as not to damage door.     Through the above introduction, everyone should know should be how to operate the door lock installation, if it is not clear, you can visit: http://www. zide360. com
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