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Intelligent anti-theft lock anti-theft alarm system you have to know?

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-29

Intelligent anti-theft lock anti-theft alarm system you have to know? 1, anti-theft alarm system developing humanized follow people living standards progress greatly, in real life, the skills of anti-theft alarm system, medical alarm can also be used to provide personalized service. Existing industry for the development trend of China's old man, launch the remote health care response system solutions. Through security alarm host LCD screen, button, call key functional features, such as user keys, don't need through the phone, you can direct dialogue with security service center or relatives. The system can detect the user falls, activities, such as information, and have a regular medicine reminders, and other things voice reminder functions. The other, the latest security alarm host system can also according to the different needs of users, equipped with bluetooth skills electrocardiogram (ecg) monitor, blood glucose, blood pressure, the scales and various bluetooth medical equipment, can real-time detect the user's blood sugar, the ecg and other physiological situation, and through the alarm control host, the user's physiological conditions ( Electrocardiogram (ecg), blood glucose, blood pressure) Information, transmitted to the remote home care medical staff. 2, anti-theft alarm system integration and application integration is development trend of control system of a large, anti-theft alarm system is no exception. In fact, anti-theft alarm system and image monitoring, entrance guard system and other security system integration, not new, but in recent years, because it will use gradually expand to the residential, community, and therefore start combining intelligent household, but these are only the most brief and foundation consolidation. Else can do such as anti-theft alarm monitoring and impression of moving, only is to use hardware to front detector output interface, and impression to monitor the alarm correlation of input interface, and when the abnormal situation, through the pre-set correlation method, alarm correlation to complete the execution impression playback, hard disk video recording. Like and software platform of information integration, in addition to the hardware integration, software integration is the integration between different security alarm sub-system is the key. In the system integration, the key point is how to solve the information interaction between the system and process. Come back is the latest security alarm integration required to achieve a variety of ways to alarm networking coexist, anti-theft alarm network is a simple mixed meaning, is the networking alarm control unit and control center, and alarm detector and control between the networking, confuse STH with STH else. Actually alarm networking methods, including wired and wireless two kinds, such as public security or attachment to GSM wireless telephone notification, and alarm detector and control between hosts connected to the Internet, wireless is a special wireless, such as infrared or Zigbee is not wireless platform provided by the telecom operators. Both in terms of importance, and networking alarm control unit and control center, is the key of system integration. In recent years, along with the IP network, many alarm control device manufacturers also beginning to use cable or wireless IP network networking method, but actually see networking use because the seal of the environment, through the method of TCP/IP networking using surface has not been a sharp growth.
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