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Intelligent anti-theft lock improve security!

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-02

Intelligent anti-theft lock improve security! With the development of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, intelligent household is more and more by the welcome of people. And smart door lock is known as the entry of the smart home, more people attach great importance, it provides the user's home security with higher guarantee. According to market research organization speculated that by 2020, our country intelligence door lock market scale will reach more than 60 million, sales will hit 66 billion yuan, industry into the wave. But smart door lock in China using the proportion is still very low, users generally use locks only single lock up function, its structure is relatively fixed, the improvement of the first point is often in the ascension of anti-theft function, such as lock renovation, the lock on the improvement of the consolidation degree. But in daily life, people tend to forget to lock the door, or when going out is forgotten, or is forgotten after taking the door, especially the elderly, the working memory, lock the door when you leave this brief work but how also can't prevent. In addition to forget to lock the door security issues, the traditional door lock is broken, stolen, the user can immediately aware of and processing. At present, about the Chinese market, intelligent door locks with remote alarm function is not part of the shortage. In addition to conventional anti-theft function, but also add unlocked alarm prompt, broken, stolen, such as low battery to remind function, let users grasp the family dynamic anytime and anywhere, no longer have to worry the safety of the home.
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