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Intelligent anti-theft lock is considered more safety and convenience

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-28

The intelligent lock manufacturers to introduce intelligent anti-theft lock is considered more safety and convenience! Consumers in the Internet booking hotel, don't need to check-in at the front desk of the hotel, only need to swipe id can be intelligent anti-theft lock on the door into the reservation. The public security department also can get guest information real-time, thus improve the efficiency and safety. This scenario is not dream. Although the electronic lock has begun to enter the public view, but its market share in China is still low at present. Data shows, the current domestic market civil locks, the application of intelligent anti-theft lock mainly in high-grade hotels, apartments and villas, ordinary families in the market share of less than 5%. This means that most of the domestic market is still controlled by the traditional mechanical lock. According to statistics, in Japan and South Korea, intelligent lock accounted for more than 70% of the country's civil lock market, even more than 90% of South Korea's apartment intelligence lock utilization; On the European and American markets, intelligent lock accounted for about 50%. In these countries, compared with the mechanical lock, electronic lock is considered more safety and convenience. However, it is important to note that in recent years as residents recognition of smart locks, intelligent anti-theft lock explosive growth in retail sales in China. Zhongshan Fuyu copper said household, intelligent anti-theft lock market share of about 1% five years ago, recently in north and southeast coastal economically developed areas, such as intelligent anti-theft lock new market share of 10% to 20%. 'Use inconvenience in the traditional mechanical lock, the function is extremely limited. Relative to the security, convenience is intelligent fingerprint lock more important advantage. 'Said love and blessings, mechanical lock, had lost his key is very troublesome, electronic lock unlock method is multivariate, can enter the password, fingerprint identification. After connected to the Internet can realize more functions, such as to open the door for family remote through; If you have the thief pry the door, can automatically photographed alarm; You can send a temporary electronic key to the door of the maintenance staff. In addition, because can improve the efficiency of management, rental industry increasing demand for electronic lock.
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