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Intelligent anti-theft lock is how power? There are several ways to it

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-02

Intelligent anti-theft lock is how power? There are a few ways to intelligent lock power supply mode: intelligent lock power supply mode is mainly the built-in power supply, which means that does not require an external power lines. Usually, intelligent power supply mode is mainly composed of 5 a battery-powered lock. There are two types of rechargeable lithium batteries. As the technology matures, and products are constantly updated and iteration, some big brands gradually adopted the form of rechargeable lithium batteries. For example, philips, samsung, the Romans and other consumer use ordinary product such as rechargeable lithium batteries. Dry cell's main features are: 1. Easy to replace, can in the nearby convenience store to buy; 2, the price is low, the brand is different, a few basic model. The characteristics of the rechargeable lithium battery is: 1, cost is high, the price of the battery is in commonly one hundred yuan of above; 2, buying a little trouble, need to find the lock supplier to purchase; 3, long service life, which also can be used repeatedly, it down after recharging can continue to use. No electric power is divided into the following two kinds: first, the position of the normal battery replacement battery mainly in the interior of the door, and some useful screw is fixed, some are directly fixed on the buckle. Needless to say, dry cell is directly changing, didn't introduce details, and lithium battery charging is very simple also. Usually, the manufacturer assign a data line in the box, and then head for the battery of mobile phone use. Driving is ordinary Android phone data line. There are other charging cable, but don't worry, they all have the same reason. No matter what type of battery you use smart locks, after all without having to worry about using the electricity will go out. 2. No electricity has two solutions: 1. Although smart lock without electricity, but you can use mechanical keys to unlock it, then replace the battery or charge. The manufacturer is equipped with a long button. 2. Another case is intelligent lock no power and no key. What should I do? Don't worry, according to the industry standard, now the fingerprint lock basically on the regular company lock external equipped with USB emergency power supply, can use mobile power and data cables to solve. However, each brand is different, have different specifications and types, the location of the emergency interface is slightly different, but they are similar. Most of them in the underside of the Romans smart lock.
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