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Intelligent anti-theft lock is introduced fingerprint lock is useful to prevent burglar ensure the safety of the residents

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-05

Intelligent anti-theft lock is introduced fingerprint lock is useful to prevent the burglar to assure the safety of residents in daily life, to ensure that the fingerprint lock clean and tidy. Check the skills of lock body, collect input fingerprint, finger strength is moderate, do not heavy pressure, available window lens wiping cloth to wipe the fingerprint collecting dirt, because after years of using time, surface dirt, may affect the normal use. Don't use wet dishcloth or clean with clean ball smart locks, so it is easy to hurt intelligent electric plating on the surface of the lock. Even every 3 - Six months of self check, found that processed in a timely manner, the components in the dysfunctional loose and tighten and adjust, for some parts, defensive conversion. Add lubricating oil. Lock as the primary mechanical structure, a fingerprint lock can't ignore the protection of nature. Found the lock core is not too loose or not insist on accurate orientation, then shall be submitted to the lock filling grease, should pay attention to oil gun injection to the lock core, and not excessive, handles and knobs, until the door loose. When long time use, intelligent locks the door is not sensitive, put his hand back horizontal azimuth, mechanical key to open the door not sensitive, etc. , also needs to lock to add some lubricating oil. Replacement of the battery. Intelligent lock when subjected to a battery low at least two weeks in advance notice, please replace the battery in time, prevent influence the normal use. If appear because of no electricity can't open, can use emergency charging treasure or equipped with emergency key to open the lock. Fingerprint lock can store vast amounts of information fingerprints and combination. Owner is free to add or subtract other user's information, to prevent the irrelevant people enter, etc. So smart, lunch is much relative to mechanical lock. Don't need change the lock or with key, for the user to save unnecessary trouble and costs. Fingerprint lock also has intelligent function derivative security. If violence picking or by external lock body damage, fingerprint lock will alarm and alarm linkage, useful to prevent the burglar to assure the safety of residents. Fingerprint lock allows users to fingerprints, combination and induction card is used to synchronize. Fingers on the one hand, considering that some users might have natural disadvantages, lead to cannot use the fingerprint lock open the skills, so you can lunch users use different habits, different age. On the other hand three unlock way to make the fingerprint lock more secure, and these three skills each other, complement each other, even in special cases, such as power to provide better services for users.
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