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Intelligent anti-theft lock pay attention to the choose and buy, be sure to pay attention to the five big mistake

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-28

Intelligent anti-theft lock pay attention to the choose and buy, be sure to pay attention to the five big mistake intelligence era, intelligent household products preliminary equipment instead of traditional family, smart door lock is one of them. Without the key can open the door, using a mobile phone, finger instead of traditional keys, want to throw all difficult. Smart door lock can give people a great lunch, we should also be clear what time before purchase, avoid into the erroneous zone. Myth: the more the better function the customer thought that the more intelligent lock function is better, in fact, a smart lock is good or bad depends on the key of his sexual function, depending on the user's practice experience. Function, more product failure, the function is not stable, high uncertainty, must not user's experience. Numerous useless function planning, in addition to play computer stunt when sold, and only take the user in, after all, the sale of patient results. The function of the whip, proper standard sense, smart door lock should consider the use of each user practice experience. Erroneous zone 2: the more simple and other intelligent terminal docking, the better in some ways, smart home and other terminal connection is it become one of the smart home based on. The concept of Internet of things is also established in this. But all hardware connection should be a standard: must be safety. In mobile phones, for example, join mobile intelligent terminal intelligent household needs rely on mobile phones reached the purpose of control and visual, but since there is no considering the proper security, many smart homes may be other terminal access without authentication. It's scary for smart door lock. If this situation occurs, smart door lock is not a common mechanical lock. So, all the hardware connection should have a standard: must be safety. Myth 3: no mechanical lock core intelligent lock safer whatever the lock, the top priority is to ensure that security. The purpose of the intelligent lock must not be in violation of the. Now some vendors to throw away the traditional mechanical lock, switch to automatic switch. It's not worth, let's not guess electronic function failure when would. So smart door lock should be combined with smart locks and mechanical lock two layers of advantage, the safety of the building will be. The electronic parts failure even urgent situations, mechanical lock can still give the strongest maintenance. Myth 4: the manufacturer can guarantee the safety of the user information in the 21st century, information security is particularly important. Manufacturers have a duty to ensure the user's information security, of course, but from the product after the factory in the face of a variety of practical situation, blindly trust companies seems to be not very stable. Manufacturer of moral and technical level is one reason, of course, what is more important in information security is not a friendly environment, who have perhaps information confidential. Custody giving users the information, and after the lock itself high information security system and user APP consciously operation, ability to do information security. Mistake 5: more intelligent more inconvenience when this situation, may be exist in false and inferior product, can give customers such misreading. Many customers for smart lock also stay on fingerprint lock, induction of often cannot identify fault frequency induction lock, as a matter of fact, intelligent lock has developed to a new level. Smart door lock should be using the details in full consideration of using touch, polished details, quality control, ensure the quality, really do 'more intelligent, more lunch. ”
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