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Intelligent Building congenital lack leave after variable 'mentally retarded building'

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
The access control controller is broken and no one repairs it. In order to be safe, the building locks some partial doors and adds security guards at the door. 'Civil Air Defense' replaces 'self-control', which is the current situation of an intelligent building in Beijing. In the past decade or so, intelligent buildings have mushroomed in Beijing, especially in new buildings, at least 80% of which are labeled 'intelligent. However, automatic control experts told reporters that due to improper construction and management, many automatic systems of intelligent buildings have become furnishings, and the phenomenon of 'mental retardation' in intelligent buildings is quite common. The intelligent building is congenitally deficient and suffers from future troubles. 'This building is a 5A building. 'Many developers often use this as a selling point in their publicity. The so-called 5A building is an intelligent building. It is a unified integrated system managed by a computer system, including automatic fire alarm, safety prevention, integrated wiring, network and other subsystems. 'Although it is 5A building, there are not many people who can really be intelligent. 'Engineer Li of Junhao property engineering design committee told reporters. 'At present, there are many manufacturers of intelligent products in the market. Each product is independent and the correlation between products and products is poor, which leads to many times, after buying back multiple products, developers found that the products could not be 'connected in parallel' to a unified platform, and some developers, in order to save costs, when selecting equipment, choose the product that will be eliminated soon. 'Engineer Li said. No one manages the 'intelligent system' to change the decoration. The spray system requires water to be kept all the year round. However, some intelligent buildings, in order to prevent the temperature from being too low in winter, spray and break, put the water on their own, in the event of a fire, even rescue can't be done. 'An industry insider told reporters. Although everything is installed, in practical application, the temperature sensor does not indicate the temperature, the central air conditioner does not produce air, the smoke exhaust fan does not produce smoke, the broadband system has no name, and the spray system does not produce water . . . . . . Many intelligent buildings have become 'embroidered pillows' with empty skins because of many problems in later Management '. 'Intelligent buildings have high requirements for property management. Only professionals who understand the principle and control process of equipment can do it well. However, in the current market, this kind of talent is not many, and the cost is high, many property management companies are not willing to do so. So, I went to find a property of relatively inferior quality to make do with it, and made do with it, and all the intelligent equipment was made do with it. 'Xu Jinping, senior engineer of the automatic control institute of Beijing Zhongyuan International Engineering Design and Research Institute, told reporters. The problem that 'smart children' still need smart people to raise smart buildings has attracted the attention of relevant departments, the Ministry of Construction has issued the notice of 'special qualification for building intelligent system engineering design and system integration and pilot work' and the national standard 'Intelligent Building Design Standard'. the design standards and qualifications of design units are specified. However, in order to deal with the 'mentally retarded' problem caused by 'man-made disasters', experts believe that it is necessary to start with personnel, and 'smart children' need to be raised by smart people. Engineer Li of Junhao property engineering design committee said: 'The intelligent system is the 'central nervous' of the building. Once it is paralyzed, there will be endless troubles. Responsible property companies must form a series of rules and regulations, give technical guidance, rewards and punishments to property management personnel. The second is to do a good job in personnel training, and those who should let college students take up their posts must not take up the number of junior high school students. 'Smart Building' failure 'disaster memorandum in the early morning of August 18, 2001, a fire broke out in a hotel on the outskirts of Manila, the Philippine capital, killing at least 75 people. The Philippine fire chief said that the lack of emergency lights in the hotel was not discovered until 4 o'clock, which was an important cause of the serious consequences of the fire. On July 5, 1993, a fire broke out in Dalian JMS Medical Equipment Co. , Ltd. , a Sino-Japanese joint venture in Liaoning province. 750 m² of the buildings were completely destroyed and more than 5300 square meters of buildings were seriously polluted by smoke. After investigation, it was found that under the long-term temperature of ballast, the insulation of fluorescent lamp power cord gradually aged and caused short circuit, but the power supply of automatic alarm equipment was turned off artificially, the failure to report to the police in a timely and accurate manner in this fire caused a minor fire disaster.
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