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Intelligent door lock can challenge traditional door lock? Professional editors answer questions in person

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-14
Under the trend of the internet of things era, more and more people begin to upgrade their own electronic products and try their best to move closer to the internet of things. Recently, our home appliance evaluation room received the advantages of the smart door lock at the Hammer conference, and released the relevant hand evaluation article some time ago. However, it is still found that relatively many netizens' voices are holding a wait-and-see attitude towards the intelligent door lock and even have some doubts, so we have collected several representative questions, please come out with our professional editors to answer your questions. Portant; Width = '600' height = '338'/> Q1: I am very interested in intelligent door locks, but intelligent door locks are very different from ordinary door locks, can my old wooden door be installed? Is it difficult to install? A1: The Intelligence of the intelligent door lock is reflected in the unlocking method and other functions. The overall lock cylinder structure is also a mechanical structure. Generally, the door that can be equipped with ordinary anti-theft locks can be equipped with intelligent door locks. Of course, when you buy a smart door lock, you should also look at the conditions required for the door lock you want to buy, and then measure your own door to see if it meets the installation conditions, then decide whether to buy. Portant; Width = '600' height = '381'/> Q2: is the smart door lock really easy to use? Where is it easy to use? A2: First of all, the next definite conclusion is that the intelligent door lock is really easy to use. You don't have to bring the key when you go out. Your fingerprint and password are the keys to open the door. In addition to fingerprint and password unlocking, our two smart door locks also support mobile phone APP, NFC card, bracelet and physical key unlocking. And for families with children or the elderly at home, there is no need to worry about losing the key with a smart door lock. Portant; /> Q3: Although the intelligent door lock is easy to use, how about the safety compared with the ordinary door lock? A3: The Intelligent door lock is essentially a lock, but it is more convenient than the traditional mechanical lock and will not be discounted in terms of safety. This intelligent door lock E1 weighs 8 KG, and the overall anti-skid and anti-destructive effect is good at the angle of the door lock. And the C- class lock cylinder is used, which is the most secure lock cylinder in the industry. Moreover, this smart door lock uses Swedish FPC fingerprint chip and is a fingerprint identification solution for many high-end smart phones. As for the password, there are virtual passwords and temporary passwords as technical support, greatly improving the security level. Portant; /> While C1N with split design is slightly worse than E1 in mechanical structure and lock core structure, after all, the price positioning of the two is also different. However, the security is much higher than that of most ordinary anti-theft locks, and the same fingerprint chip as E1, the same perfect function, and there is no need to worry about security. Portant; /> Q4: most of the smart door locks are now powered by batteries. How can I enter the door in case the battery is dead? A4: The Intelligent door lock is powered by batteries. It is indeed possible to encounter the situation that the door lock is dead. In this case, you have two options to choose from. The first is that you can temporarily provide power through the micro usb charging port to return the door lock to normal; The second is that the door lock is equipped with an emergency key, which can enable the door lock to carry out the conventional door opening mode through the key without electricity. Of course, the door lock will remind you when the power is low, thus avoiding the power failure of the door lock as much as possible. Portant; Width = '600' height = '328'/> Q5: The price difference of smart door locks on the market is too big, but the functions are basically the same, so why is there such a big difference? A5: As the saying goes, a penny, a penny' The experience brought by products at different prices is naturally different, mainly in workmanship design and product quality. Take our two smart locks for example. The price of the Smart Lock E1 is 2699 yuan, which is a high-end product in the smart lock. In terms of appearance design, this smart lock adopts the push-pull design, which is very popular for high-end smart locks, and this design is also common in many film and television works. The overall design also looks very luxurious and of extraordinary quality. The lock core, lock body structure, fingerprint chip diligence, we also mentioned that the use is the top in the industry. Portant; Width = '600' height = '338'/> and the advantage smart lock C1N costs 1599 yuan. First of all, it is not as good as E1 in appearance, although it is also good enough, but it is not as luxurious as E1, and it feels more suitable for the bedroom. Moreover, E1 adopts an integrated structure, and the technological difficulty is much higher than that of C1N.
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