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'Intelligent door lock management system' first launched by Northwest People's University

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
Xiao Li is a fourth-year college student at Northwest University for Nationalities. In September this year, he arrived at the school as usual. After * signing in, he was told by the apartment manager that the school had been renovated during the summer vacation, in order to manage safety in the future, students will have to swipe their cards when they enter and leave dormitories. Even eating, riding and borrowing books will have to use this card. It is understood that this management is the first in colleges and universities in the province. At three o'clock P. M. yesterday, the reporter came to the apartment of No. 3 building of Northwest University for Nationalities. The apartment administrator Li told the reporter that each student holds a 'one card' as a valid proof of the student's identity, this card contains important personal data of students, which can be used for consumption, as a meal card, bus, book borrowing and reading, it is important to use the 'one card' brush door to strengthen the school's management of students. Originally, after the school started in September this year, the school introduced the 'intelligent door lock management system', which mainly uses electronic identification to open the door, that is to say, students must hold cards containing personal information before they can open the dormitory door, in this way, the relevant management personnel of the school can collect students' entry and exit records and store them in the computer, so as to accurately grasp the time when students enter and exit the door, and facilitate night inquiry and management. If a student violates discipline such as returning late and registers more than three times, the administrator will report it to the student affairs office for handling. 'After the implementation of this management system, the students returned to the dormitory on time and the corridor was much quieter at night than before. 'Teacher Li told reporters:' With this' one card', it is very convenient to eat, ride, borrow books and open the door. In the past, it was easy to lose more cards, but now it is only necessary to collect this card. 'Director Ma of the student affairs office said that the main purpose of the' intelligent door lock management system 'used by the school is to strengthen the management of students' own safety, which is the first in the province's colleges and universities.
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