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Intelligent door lock sales increase

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-26
Nowadays, intelligent household products emerge one after another, and the public's acceptance of these products is getting higher and higher. This week, the reporter visited the door lock market in our city and found that the variety of smart lock products on the market is becoming more and more abundant and the product market is growing rapidly. In the WangLi door industry store in the home building materials market in our city, the reporter saw that there are more than ten smart lock products in the store. A salesperson is introducing the product to the customer who came to pick the lock. When the salesperson's finger slides gently on the touch screen of the lock, the number on the screen appears. This product has the function of scraping fingerprint identification and virtual password, and the door lock is automatically locked after closing the door. The scratch fingerprint identification function can effectively prevent the fingerprint from remaining on the lock and being copied; The virtual password means that when entering the password, the user can enter several more digits before and after the correct password to prevent the password from being peeked and stolen. ' The salesperson said, forcibly pressing a small lock tongue on the smart lock, at this time, the smart lock issued a beep'The alarm. The salesperson told reporters that with the continuous improvement of the living standards of the citizens, the requirements for the convenience of small parts such as door locks are getting higher and higher. A few years ago, the intelligent door lock was still neglected, and now this situation has greatly improved. We sell two or three smart locks every week in our store, and the consumer group is mainly young people. ' Ms. Li, who lives in Tianchi South community in our city, is the user of the smart door lock. She told reporters that the intelligent door lock is very convenient to use. There are both old people and children in the family. They sometimes forget to bring their keys. With the smart door lock, I can go to work with peace of mind without worrying about these problems. 'She said. The sales staff of Romans' smart lock store told reporters that at present, the price of smart door lock products sold in our city is between 600 yuan and 4000 yuan, of which, mid-range products between 1500 yuan and 2500 yuan are most popular with the public. In the past two years, especially this year, the sales volume of smart door locks has increased significantly. With the popularity of the concept of smart home, people's understanding of smart door locks'Entry level' The recognition and acceptance of products will continue to improve. In the first two years, we may only sell 20 to 30 smart locks a year. Since last year, our store can sell nearly 200 smart locks a year. It is expected that the sales volume will be more substantial next year, and more new products will enter the market. ' Industry insiders remind consumers that although smart locks are more convenient than mechanical locks in terms of use experience, not all smart locks can be guaranteed to be safe' After all, there are still some low-priced smart locks that will choose a class A lock cylinder, so its safety effect is bound to be greatly reduced. Therefore, regardless of whether consumers choose smart locks or mechanical locks, the most important thing is to look at the lock cylinder. The safety factor of the lock cylinder above grade B is obviously higher than that of grade A.
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