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Intelligent fingerprint lock: pay attention to door lock safety and create intelligent life

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
With the continuous rise of urban population turnover rate, social security has become a management problem, and the development of economy and the increase of per capita income of residents have also made people pay more and more attention to personal property and safety. Therefore, for residential and family security, people have put forward higher requirements and expectations. In home security, door locks are regarded as the most basic anti-theft measures. Traditional mechanical door locks have hidden dangers of easy prying and easy opening due to their low safety performance, it has been unable to meet people's security needs in the era of intelligence. As a result, intelligent fingerprint locks have emerged as the times require. Various ways to open and effectively guard against theft have made up for the shortcomings of traditional security, it has become a just-needed product for smart home users. Compared with adults, intelligent fingerprint locks are more suitable for the elderly and children, and can avoid the loss of keys and the inability to unlock, which is precisely in line with the needs of China's national conditions. In recent years, China's population aging has gradually intensified, the two-child birth policy has been liberalized, and the population ratio of the elderly to children has been continuously increasing. In China's 0. 4 billion families, 97% of households have the need to update from mechanical locks to smart locks. In addition, China's housing demand will maintain a high vitality, the smart door lock market can be described as a vast. However, in the actual survey, 74% of smart lock users said that the gorgeous appearance and so-called intelligence blinded their eyes, beautiful enough, not safe enough, intelligent enough, but not stable enough'. What is the reason? In fact, at present, the competition in China's intelligent fingerprint lock industry is already very fierce, with various brands, but the quality is uneven. In order to attract the favor of users, most of them focus on the double advantages of appearance and function, however, whether it is a mechanical lock or a smart lock, its safety and stability are the most important concerns of consumers. It is understood that some well-known smart lock brand companies have mastered relevant technologies, which can solve the problem that the stability and security of smart locks on the market cannot coexist. With the increasing maturity of intelligent technology, in the future, smart home and security will develop from single product consumption to smart home system, and smart fingerprint lock is the entrance product of smart home, its market will usher in a large-scale outbreak.
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