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Intelligent fingerprint locks were written into the national teaching material, do you have anything to worry about?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-19
Recently, the girl in written Chinese homework, out of curiosity about her books. This turn, unexpectedly let me ecstatic. Textbook 21 class was 'not afraid of losing the key' to the pupils in intelligent lock. This is a 'hubei version of' in the language part ii of the second grade, the article tells a girl called haze haze, because often lose the key, as is installed a fingerprint lock her father. After the experience, haze haze was full of praise for the lock has a high-tech intelligent more make her happy, henceforth no longer needless to worry about keys won't be home loss. After seeing the text, I am playing a happy heart. And so on, has hindered the growth of the industry. Now, smart lock technique maturity, and running stability, also once or anti-theft security as machine locks, lock or even better than machines. In respect of the price, the following skills become increasingly mature, has been reduced. By is, now the standard of intelligent lock is no longer a rich man, the working class also could afford. Like smart phones in the same way, just have an apple, everyone think expensive, is with nokia. And now the nokia mobile phone basically had disappeared. This example comment, intelligence must be in the future growth trend, who violates the trend, nokia is his fate. Locks are the same, with the growth of science and technology, intelligent will surely is a growth trend in the future. Before you may not believe smart locks lock security than the machine, but now smart locks have been given the country admits, in the Palace Museum, the great hall of the people and zhongnanhai country important departments are using smart locks, and now in order to spread the smart locks, country also write intelligent lock into the textbooks. To is that smart locks has won the country admits, you still have what reason not smart locks? Country is to write intelligent lock into textbooks, the reasons are various, but the main can fall into this points: one, from an early age to cultivate a child's concept of 'science and technology and rejuvenating the country'; Second, the comment child technology can change career; Three, let the children know that technology can give career brought infinite convenience. Is, get the country admits smart locks will shift the career of millions of Chinese people, regardless of believe it or not, no matter you are willing to accept, it will be an inevitable trend. The following is the text in the original, please do it again student: not afraid to lose the key to the bad, haze haze lost my key, how did not have the key, but how to go home! Dad comfort her: 'ah! It doesn't matter. Dad immediately give you a never lost key. 'Said the father, the haze haze right hand grip in the palm of the heart, like magic blows of relief, then loosen, holding one finger of haze haze said:' well, the key here! 'How can the fingers when the keys? Must be father coax her, haze haze thought, in silence. Father pull a haze haze came to the door of the big: 'look, this is the computer identification lock, also called 'fingerprint lock. It is with the fingerprint when key. 'LAN LAN this door found in the lock. It is not a key hole. Place in whom there is a glass ball, shiny, like a cat's eyes. 'This lock, how to open? '' now you can't open, the computer inside the haven't remember your fingerprint. '' that, that how I came into the room? 'LAN LAN are nasty. 'Don't worry. 'Dad' fingerprint lock on 'rear cover, 6 with a few small button, let haze haze stick your right thumb on who the glass ball. With a sound 'cut', and the father said, 'ok, fingerprint lock ever remember your fingerprint. You to try it. Extended his right hand thumb, 'LAN LAN track down on the glass ball, the lock tongue quietly went in, give up, the lock tongue again reached in and true spirit! Ha, LAN LAN is no longer afraid of lose the key!
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